SPY X FAMILY theme singer Gen Hoshino to arrive on Fortnite Soundwave series

Fortnite Gen Hoshino event (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Gen Hoshino event (Image via Epic Games)
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Over the years, Fortnite has partnered with quite a few artists. Marshmello, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have all been part of major, in-game live event concerts to great success.

Fortnite's ability to pull those off revamped the way live concerts are viewed. Furthermore, it has prompted other games like Roblox to do the same. Epic Games has also been rumored to be working on getting Billie Eilish and Juice WRLD into the game eventually.

Aside from the major concerts, there are a lot of artists who have been featured in lesser roles. Party Royale mode features a lot of artists such as Steve Aoki and deadmau5. Music has been a big part of the game for a while.

Going even further, several artists have received Creative maps in the Soundwave Series, which gives players a very short concert in which they can interact and earn a little bit of XP.

Join us at @gen_senden’s Soundwave Series on June 9 at 8 AM ET.Enjoy the show and receive the Soundwave Series — Gen Hoshino Spray as a reward.❤ this tweet to get a reminder before the show!

Tones and I, Emicida and so many others have been featured in it. The latest addition to it is SPY X FAMILY artist Gen Hoshino. Here's what players need to know.

Fortnite Gen Hoshino concert: A complete guide

For Fortnite, Gen Hoshino marks the first Japanese pop star to headline the Soundwave Series. It will function similarly to previous shows in which players will find themselves in an ever-changing setting, while the concert plays in front of them.

Here's what Epic Games said about the upcoming event:

"Celebrate the beginning of the new Fortnite Season with the next Soundwave Series artist! The Soundwave Series is a series of musical shows featuring artists from around the world, and the spotlight now turns to Japanese pop artist + music producer Gen Hoshino. Hoshino’s show will air back-to-back for 72 hours starting Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 8 AM ET — just a few days after Chapter 3 Season 3 launches on June 5!"

The official start date is June 9 at 8.00 AM EST. From there on, Fortnite Gen Hoshino will perform for 72 hours straight. Players can get in whenever and experience the concert as many times as they want during that time period.

These props are set to be used in the Soundwave Series: Gen Hoshino Creative Map…

Additionally, players can watch the event during another match via the new picture-in-picture feature at the following times:

  • Thursday, June 9, at 8.00 AM ET
  • Friday, June 10, at 3.00 PM ET
  • Saturday, June 11, at 2.00 PM ET

This will not allow players to interact in the space, but they can hear the music, see the performance and shift in settings.

Upon completion of the event, they will receive some XP (it is currently an unspecified amount) and the Soundwave Series - Gen Hoshino Spray.

Fortnite Gen Hoshino spray (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Gen Hoshino spray (Image via Epic Games)

The event will be available on the featured tab in Discover, but can also be accessed through the Creative hub. The map code is 6831-7094-7130, but won't be available until the event goes live.

The next Soundwave Series featured artist will reportedly be record-breaking French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura. She won't be featured immediately after, but will be coming in the near future.

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