Top 5 Fortnite skins that are a better pick than Naruto

Top 5 Fortnite skins that are a better pick than Naruto (Image via Sportskeeda)
Top 5 Fortnite skins that are a better pick than Naruto (Image via Sportskeeda)
Francis Banerjee

After several months of speculation, the arrival of Naruto in Fortnite has finally been confirmed. Several leaks have come up in the past few weeks that give adequate information regarding the arrival of the popular animated character.

Naruto was expected to be the Battle Pass skin for the Fortnite Cube-themed season. However, the project got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Recent leaks have reignited the Naruto craze, and gamers anticipate its arrival to Fortnite.

The Naruto skin is one of the most anticipated cosmetics in the game, and its arrival is quite beneficial for both Epic and the gamers. However, there are several skins that are a better pick than the ninja.

Fortnite skins that fans will appreciate more than Naruto

5) Travis Scott 2.0

Travis Scott's "Astroworld Fest" is happening in 15 days, in Houston Texas, but the question remainsWill his Fortnite set finally return for the occasion?

It isn't easy to separate Travis Scott from Fortnite. The famous artist had his live concert event in the game that became a massive hit among gamers.

Epic also released a Travis Scott skin that was equally loved by all. Gamers have often asked the community whether the skin is returning to the game or not. Since the festivities will begin in Fortnite in a few weeks, adding a new rendition of the Travis Scott would've been a great asset for gamers.

4) The Bride

@aestheticdemon_ @Deathking__ @FortniteGame I just need the Beatrix Kiddo / the Bride.2 variants.Yellow track suitWedding dress

The Epic vs Apple court documents leaked several classified documents regarding upcoming Fortnite collaborations. The documents revealed the prospect of The Bride arriving in-game.

The central protagonist of the iconic Kill Bill movie series certainly has what it takes to be a Fortnite skin. Adding a katana as an exclusive weapon to the character would be the perfect cherry on top.

3) John McClane

Heres a list of ALL the potential collaborations that were planned to happen but may have been scrapped: The Rock Ariana Grande Lady GagaNaturoWreck It RalphX-MenSamus Hunger GamesMetal Gear SolidBeyonce John McClaneITWhich one do you want to see in Fortnite?

The character from the Die Hard franchise was one of the most rumored cosmetics to arrive in Fortnite. The cosmetic was leaked along with The Bride, and gamers had hoped that it would come to the game soon.

Much to the disappointment of gamers, the skin was not added to the game. The John McClane skin would've been one of the coolest cosmetics in the game, along with his signature moves.

2) Michael Myers


The central protagonist of the Halloween series of films, Michael Myers, would've been an excellent asset for gamers.

The mass murderer who goes around butchering people with the chef's knife fits perfectly with the spooky-themed Fortnitemares. It would've been a great opportunity for Epic to add it this year. However, the event has already passed, and gamers will have to wait an entire year and hope Epic adds it eventually.

1) Goku

Naruto in fortnite is cool and allBut I’ll be waiting(Yes i feel like they can easily pull a Lebron and add 2 Goku’s)

The arrival of Naruto led to major speculation among the community members. Some of them were led to believe that Epic was looking towards a Dragon Ball Z collaboration in Fortnite.

The rumors didn't turn out to be accurate, which is disheartening for gamers. Everyone would've loved the skin and its variant styles. However, as of now, the DBZ collaboration is not happening anytime soon. But gamers can expect Epic to walk down that path sometime in the future.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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