What are account levels in Fortnite? Seasonal vs Account level difference, explained

It's time to level-up in Fortnite (Image via Twitter/YoItsZylo)

Gaining levels in Fortnite is by far the most important part of the game. With each seasonal Battle Pass granting rewards up to level 200, getting there before the season ends is an uphill race. Each level requires 80,000 XP to complete this time, which brings the grand total up to 16,000,000 XP.

With that said, players need to remember that their in-game account level differs from their seasonal level. While they correlate with each other in a manner of speaking, they are very different in nature. Here's a brief explanation of account levels and how they differ from seasonal levels.

Account Levels in Fortnite & how they're different from Seasonal level-ups

The account level can be seen on the left side of the screen (Image via Epic Games)
The account level can be seen on the left side of the screen (Image via Epic Games)

The main difference between seasonal and account levels is how the tally is done. Seasonal levels represent the total number of levels gained in a particular season. In contrast, account levels represent the number of levels gained over the course of a player's lifetime in-game.

Depending on when the player first joined the metaverse, their account level will be staggeringly high compared to newcomers. Keep in mind that this does not give an OG player any distinct advantage over a greenhorn in-game. While the former will undoubtedly have more combat experience, that cannot be classified as an in-game advantage.

Click on the Career tab to view the account level (Image via Epic Games)
Click on the Career tab to view the account level (Image via Epic Games)

Lastly, while seasonal levels reset, account levels do not. Until the player's account is active and they gain seasonal levels, their account level will also increase. For instance, if a player reaches level 200 for two consecutive seasons in-game, their account level will be level 400.

So to recap, account levels are the sum total of a player's level count over all seasons, while seasonal levels are the total levels gained during a particular season. The former does not reset, while the latter does.

How to gain account levels in Fortnite?

To gain account levels in Fortnite, players must increase their seasonal levels. As mentioned, seasonal levels contribute to the account level of the player's profile. That said, there are several ways to gain account levels in-game. Here are a few tried and true methods:

1) Save The World mode

Lets save the world! #Fortography

For players who don't particularly enjoy or excel in Fortnite Battle Royale, Save The World mode, which has PvE, is an amazing substitute. While XP per match will vary depending on difficulty levels and other factors, a minimum of 30,000 experience points is guaranteed for every match.

This is separate from the XP earned for STW, so there's no need to worry about XP being siphoned off to fuel the seasonal levels. That said, this method is rather slow, considering there's a lot of prep time and building involved.

2) Daily and weekly challenges

[#Fortnite Ch.3 Season 4 Week 8 Season Challenge/Quest Guide]Challenges: 7 (+2)XP: 140,000 TotalUse Code 'FNAssist' in the Item Shop to help support me!

Completing daily and weekly challenges is the best way to level up in Fortnite. With each offering 1,000 XP and 20,000 XP, respectively, there are a lot of levels to be gained every week by completing these. Oh, here's the best part: bonus XP can also be earned after completing bonus goals for each challenge type.

3) Milestones

New Chapter 3 - Season 4 Milestones:- Catch Items- Complete Quests- Purchases from Vending Machines- Thank Bus Driver- Upgrade Chrome Weapons- Place Top 10- Pick Fruit from Reality Saplings- Travel Distance Riding Animals- Headshot Opponents- Outlast Opponents

Each season in Fortnite is filled to the brim with milestones. In Chapter 3 Season 4, completing one stage grants 6,000 XP. Given there are numerous milestones to complete, with 20 stages each, the XP gain is amazing. Just like the daily/weekly challenges, there are bonus goals to complete.

4) Other challenges

FNCS #Fortnite challenges done! Well yesterday but didn’t post.

In addition to normal challenges, Epic Games introduces time-limited challenges as well. These can be added during festive events like Fortnitemares, Winterfest, and FNCS. Some of these challenges also offer cosmetic rewards, which is a win-win situation for players.

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