What to expect during Fortnitemares 2022

The Halloween event is coming (Image via Epic Games)
The Halloween event is coming (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnitemares is set to go live on October 18 for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. The spooky season is here, and Epic Games is poised to celebrate as they have routinely done in the past. The island is about to get a lot more frightening.

This usually entails slight changes in gameplay and new characters on the island. There may even be a new threat emerging. The Herald is the island's only boss right now, but that could be changing soon.

Fortnitemares will be a celebration of Chapter 3 Season 4

Before Fortnitemares drops, players will see Halloween and themed skins return to the Item Shop. Shadow Midas and other spooky skins have been cycling through at this time. Players can expect that to continue through the event and the end of the month.

New Halloween skins are almost certainly coming out during that time, too. There's no telling what those might be, but Epic Games rarely misses a chance. There could be scary versions of existing skins or brand-new nightmare fuel.

Two scary skins that have already been revealed, though, are the Concept Royale winners. Undying Sorrow (left) and Sinister Glare (right) will be coming to the game sometime soon.

Halloween Community Skins InGame!

Since they're Halloween-themed, one can reasonably expect them to come during Fortnitemares.

While it's not technically a Halloween or Fortnitemares skin, Black Adam is debuting right in the middle of the event. According to HYPEX, it will hit the Item Shop on October 20.

Black Adam skin is coming (Image via HYPEX on Twitter)
Black Adam skin is coming (Image via HYPEX on Twitter)

It will probably stick around during the event to promote the movie on October 21. One thing that players can almost always expect during this time is the return of Cube Monsters. Epic Games' favorite things to bring back to the game every year.

They've changed roles, looks, and other things, but Cube Monsters are almost always a part of this event. According to leaks, they're coming back this year, too.

The Sideways will most likely come back soon. Epic Games has added a blue version of the Cube Monsters to the game files.

Leakers found a blue version of the files, which has not yet been seen. They may have a new function, but they are almost assuredly going to wreak havoc on the island in a few days.

Other minor changes are very likely to happen to the map. There will likely be Halloween decorations everywhere, as well as some POIs changing to match the theme.

Balloons carrying POIs and landmarks may have a jack-o-lantern in the future.

Candy is also likely to return. Candy can be collected from buckets outside of houses (like on Halloween) and could give players various effects or health. Those not returning for this year's event would be a big surprise.

Expect a lot of themed challenges that will reward either Halloween cosmetics (perhaps an emoticon, a banner icon, or something like that) or seasonal XP.

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