What Fortnite should do to improve the Item Shop

What Fortnite should do to improve the Item Shop
What Fortnite should do to improve the Item Shop
Fortnite Item Shop could be improved (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Item Shop could be improved (Image via Epic Games)

The Fortnite Item Shop has had thousands of different cosmetic items since its release in late 2017. Since the game is free, Epic allows its players to buy cosmetic items, which is a primary revenue source for the game developer.

Since 2017, more than 6,000 Fortnite cosmetics have been released into the game. Most of them have come out in the Item Shop, where players can purchase them for V-Bucks.

Unfortunately, some cosmetic items are rare as they haven't been out for more than a few years. It is unknown when Epic Games will return them to the game, but one Fortnite player has a great suggestion on improving the Item Shop.

Fortnite Item Shop suggestion by a player aims to make rare items available more often

Epic Games has recently released some of the rarest Fortnite cosmetic items back to the shop. These items had been vaulted for at least a year, but they are no longer rare.

Many players who have been waiting for them to return grabbed them as quickly as possible, and of course, this has also benefited Epic Games.

Reddit user u/DesktopDrips shared an interesting suggestion to make rare items return to the Item Shop more frequently. This suggestion would benefit both players and the game developer.

As you can see in the Reddit post above, the Fortnite player suggested a new tab that would only have rare items that were vaulted for a year or more.

He believes this suggestion will improve the shop, allowing players to buy the items they want when purchasing more V-Bucks. Right now, some players decide to wait for the items to return before purchasing them, but some of them stay in the vault for a long time.

Will Epic Games implement this feature?

While the suggestion made by the Reddit user is great and would certainly benefit players, it is very unlikely that Epic Games will implement it.

There is a reason why the Item Shop keeps constantly rotating items, some of which have been vaulted for a long time. Many Fortnite Battle Royale players want rare items, so Epic Games makes a lot of money whenever they return to the shop after a long time.

Finances aside, this idea would also need to be improved. Having rare items returned every day or two wouldn't be great as the game developer would quickly run out of rare items to return to the shop.

These Rare items have returned to the #Fortnite Item Shop:- Phono Follies: 392 days- Sky Ray: 284 days

Bringing rare items every week or two would make more sense. But even then, Epic Games will need to limit this section to just a few rare items. Adding a skin, an emote, and a rare pickaxe sounds great.

Fortnite developers regularly release around 100 new items to the Item Shop. Sometimes, it isn't easy to navigate the shop as it has too many items.

Some players believe that Epic should make all cosmetic items available at every point. Instead of rotations, the shop could be a catalog where players can sort items based on their rarity, type, and other filters.

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