What is Reality-659 in Fortnite? Explained

The Paradigm might return to Fortnite island with a new protagonist. (Image via Epic Games.)
The Paradigm might return to Fortnite island with a new protagonist. (Image via Epic Games.)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has established that the all-powerful Chrome is here to stay. The pernicious liquid is now quite prominent in the lore and will eventually engulf other parts of the island as well. Since the cinematic trailer revealed that the Seven sans Paradigm has succumbed to Chrome, the Zero point once again lies exposed.

The cinematic trailer also depicted the Paradigm escaping Chrome and heading into the Zero point, where she set the course for Fortnite Reality-659. The rest remains unanswered. With no one to help, the loopers have embraced Chrome and continue to do what they do best.

Ever since the introduction of the Paradigm Reality-659, players have been asking about the universe associated with the outfit. Fortnite developers are yet to shed any light on it. While many are anticipating a revelation, others have formed their own theories.

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The Paradigm hails from Reality-659, a technically evolved reality in Fortnite omniverse

Paradigm's reality is technically advanced. (Image via Marvel / Epic Games)
Paradigm's reality is technically advanced. (Image via Marvel / Epic Games)

The cinematic trailer has established Brie Larson as the Paradigm who heads into Reality-659. The latest Battle Pass numerates the Paradigm outfit and other edit styles as Paradigm Reality-659. Building on this, it is easy to deduce that Reality 659 is the home of the Paradigm.

Another clue that corroborates this claim is the conversation that the Paradigm had with the Scientist and the Foundation in Fortnite X Marvel: Zero Wars issue #3.

She said, "My world's relationship to technology made me uniquely qualified to pilot the mech."

With that out of the way, one question still remains. Why did Paradigm go back to Reality 659? Why didn't she reach out to anybody else in Reality Zero?

Players anticipate that the upcoming Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Wars final issue will shed some light on Paradigm's reality. Plus, it is speculated that the upcoming events in Chapter 3 Season 4 will streamline the convoluted story timeline. Meanwhile, a speculative theory about the events has emerged in the community.

According to the theory, malevolent Chrome will soon flood key landmarks and POIs on the map. Players believe that the Chrome tornado, although stationary, will soon break loose and ravage the island. This is where the Paradigm comes in.


The theory dictates that the Paradigm has gone into Reality-659 to seek help. It has been established earlier that Reality-659 is technically advanced. It is probable that the Paradigm, assisted by a technically evolved entity, might return to the island to counter the wraith of the uncontrollable Chrome.

Players anticipate that the season might witness an epic live event where loopers will join forces with the Paradigm and overthrow Chrome. Another theory hints at the formal introduction of the Peace Syndicate, an unconventional vigilance organization.

BYTES's Fortnite Battle Pass description reads:

"Few survive the journey into darkness."

Upon close inspection, one can see that he has a Peace Syndicate insignia patched on his clothes. Coupled with that, the description suggests that BYTES has survived Chrome.


This is corroborated by his hands that seem to be covered in chrome and can morph into different tools. Building on this, the theory proposes that the Paradigm might be assisted by the Peace Syndicate in her fight to counter Chrome.

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