Fortnite comic leak shows Geno & The Imagined's unexpected death

Geno and The Imagined
In a shocking story arc, the big bad of Fortnite, Geno is deemed to be dead alongside The Seven's prime member The Imagined (Image via Sportskeeda)

A recent leak from the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War's finale issue has shown players what Geno, the upcoming allegedly primary antagonist, looks like. Additionally, further information that the community had been discussing for months was revealed as well.

Ever since loopers came to know about the Imagined Order (IO) in Fortnite, the mystery that has revolved around the community is about who is the leader of the evil organization and how he looks.

The Imagined Order is considered an evil faction in Fortnite by their adversaries The Seven, and the loopers who are stuck in an endless loop by them. While the fight between the two has been going on ever since Agent Jones went rogue on IO and joined hands with The Foundation, one name has come up way too often for players - Geno.


The storyline in Fortnite has been focused on Geno and his intentions with Zero Point ever since Chapter 3 began, and when the IO went against The Seven last season, their defeat resulted in The Foundation and Jonesy entering a dimension that seemed to hold Geno inside.

While many theories were busted, one held out stronger, which is the history behind the twins The Imagined and The Order being Geno's daughters. The leak confirmed the theory but also revealed an event that no one would have thought of.

The Imagined and Geno die in the finale of Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic issue

⚠️SPOILERS WARNING⚠️The Imagined and Geno die in issue #5 of Fortnite x Marvel Comics! #Fortnite #FortniteLeaks #FortniteSeason3

In a recent leak of a page from the final issue i.e., Issue #5 of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic series, Geno and The Imagined are shown together for the first time, and that too outside the actual game.

For a long period of time, players had assumed that Geno has black and white hair and wears a suit, giving off a Men in Black vibe. But recent leaks of Geno's character art and the comic book page show quite the opposite. He can be seen with long hair that is slicked back, wearing armor of some sort with a cape.

In the leaked page above, Geno can be seen holding The Imagined, a member of The Seven, now confirmed to be his daughter, in his arms after she came into contact with the uncontrolled Zero Point alongside him.

As a result, Agent Jones and The Foundation see them as "discorporating at a molecular level" (just like the Avengers disintegrated in Avengers: Infinity War), and are being scattered throughout the "Omniverse."

As the scene progresses, Geno, while discorporating, can be seen talking to The Foundation about how all he wanted to do was protect all the realities across the Omniverse by controlling Zero Point's wild nature. He goes on to say that now he was dying, he hoped The Seven will be able to do so before things turn sideways.

⚠ SPOILERS ahead for #Fortnite Zero War #5 and the Storyline itself:- During the Collision event, The Imagined sacrifices herself to throw herself and Geno into the Zero Point while fighting on a higher platform- As a result, both of them are torn to pieces and die[1/2]

However, the scene begins with how The Imagined, while fighting off Geno, sacrifices herself to throw him and herself into the Zero Point while they are fighting on a higher platform. As a result, both of them disintegrate.

- When the Zero Point focuses on Geno, this is why he looks like THIS. He is currently disintegrating after falling through it.- When Foundation and Jones arrive, they find both of them dying and Geno admits defeat(Comic img via @HYPEX)[2/2]

Right before, Agent Jones and The Foundation jump into Zero Point, they see a shadow of Geno disintegrating. While he is going through the process, they catch him and the Imagined right before they are gone.

A common fan theory that is making the rounds is that The Imagined that is currently on the island is nothing but a snapshot (clone) of the real one, who is now discorporated into molecules.

Furthermore, it might also be possible that the Geno that The Foundation and Agent Jones saw being disintegrated might also be a snapshot of the real leader of the Imagined Order.

As the new season comes closer and the island is set to turn into chrome, one can only make theories to make sense of Fortnite's lore. However, things will be much clearer once Issue #5, the final issue of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic series, officially releases on September 28, 2022.

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