Which element does the Cube Queen control in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

The Cube Queen is currently using the power of the Golden Cube to summon forth her legion of Sideways creatures (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Cube Queen is currently using the power of the Golden Cube to summon forth her legion of Sideways creatures (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is no stranger to characters who can control the elements. As most "OG" players will recall, the Ice King used a modified shard of the cube to summon the Ice Legion onto the island.

Much like him, the Cube Queen is currently using the power of the Golden Cube to summon forth her legion of Sideways creatures. However, one burning question is yet to be answered:

"Which element does the Cube Queen control?"
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Cube Queen used pure energy in Fortnite?

Unlike the Ice King and Queen, whose elemental powers were spelled out, it's somewhat unclear which element the Cube Queen commands. Although the Purple Cubes ooze darkness and corruption, the Golden Cube seems different, making predicting her elemental powers difficult.

Given that the Cube Queen can control the Purple Cubes, it's safe to assume that she can indeed control darkness and corruption. Alongside these two "elemental" types, she can also control a third element, one that is unknown and seems to be an "Alpha and Omega" type of element.

Hey, @TaborTimeYT I got a theory about the secret skin. the secret might skin be connected to the elemental kings and queens because: Ice King used a blue cube shard to create the ice storm and the blue cube zombies This table could be Ice, Fire, Earth, Sky, and Darkness

This elemental type is rather unique as it does not spread corruption but seems to function more like a pure source of power. As seen in the weeks before Fortnitemares 2021 and the emergence of Cube Town, the Golden Cube was charging and awakening the Purple Cubes on the island using this power.

Going by this logic, it would seem that the element the Cube Queen commands is closely related to pure energy. Rather than taking sides — good or evil — the element is simply used to power others and unlock their full potential. If this is indeed the case, this raises more questions than answers.

Who created the Golden Cube, and what does it want?

Perhaps one of the least asked questions at the moment is:

"Who created the Golden Cube?"

If the Purple Cubes spawned from a singular source, i.e., the Golden Cube, then who created it?

While "Last Reality" could be credited with creating the Golden Cube, it's more likely that they acquired it and used it as a power source for the Mothership.

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Despite the aliens' technological know-how, the cubes seem far more powerful than something they could have created. To add to this point, while the aliens sought to terraform the island by abducting vast chunks of material, the Cube seeks to corrupt it.

Suffice to say, their motives don't match at all.

So the Cube Queen WAS confirmed to be within the Golden Cube!Here you can see here emerge from it in the back of the trailer! #Fortnite #FortniteNews

As for the Queen herself, rather than living rent-free within the Golden Cube, she may just be a physical manifestation of the entity. While the origin story is unknown, the motives are clear — destroy the island and corrupt it.

Based on the storyline so far and according to the leaks, the island will soon be corrupted, and the Sideways will expand to consume everything in its path. By the end of the season, it's unclear what will remain.

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