Why Fortnite secret skins need to return

Secret skins were a fantastic addition to Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Secret skins were a fantastic addition to Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite secret skins seem to be a thing of the past. Epic Games used to release mysterious skins with almost every season in Chapter 1. Unfortunately, they haven't been released since Season X.

Currently, there are so-called Fortnite secret skins, but they are not mysterious. Most are collaboration outfits and have been used to promote other products, such as Marvel movies.

Fans and players are hoping that Epic brings back Fortnite's secret skins. Unlocking them was an incredible feeling, and the mystery surrounding them kept users interested in unlocking them.

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Fortnite secret skins need to be back to keep loopers happy

The first Fortnite secret skin to ever be released was The Visitor. The character came out of nowhere and was only seen on loading screens.

At one point in Chapter 1 Season 4, Epic released a set of challenges that rewarded gamers with a mysterious reward.

The reward turned out to be The Visitor, who became one of the most essential characters in Fortnite lore.

During that season, players had no clue what to expect from the mysterious reward, which is what made the process of unlocking it very special. There were numerous theories regarding the Fortnite secret skin, and fans loved it when it was finally revealed.

The Visitor ended up bringing the first live event in the final weeks of Season 4, and he also played a massive role in The End event in Chapters 1 and 2. His addition as a Fortnite secret skin was glorious, and that's a big reason why he became popular immediately after his release.

Fortnite secret skins were significant to in-game lore

The Visitor wasn't the only Fortnite secret skin to play a huge role in the video game. Each outfit had a theme that fit the season it was released, which is why the Enforcer came out to restore balance and order after the worlds collided in Season 5.

Season 6 had a partial hunting theme, which is why Epic released the A.I.M. outfit, and Season 7 had The Prisoner as its secret skin. The latter was trapped under Polar Peak by The Ice King, one of the main characters of the season.

In Season 8, Epic released Ruin as a mysterious skin, and he perfectly fit the volcano theme and the events released in the season.


The final two skins of Chapter 1, Singularity and The Scientist, are among the two most important characters in the entire lore. The former was seen during The Unvaulting event in Season 8, and she also built the Mecha robot in Season 9.

On the other hand, the Scientist organized The End event, which ended up being the most critical event in Fortnite history. Like The Visitor, he stayed in the game after the event, and loopers can also interact with him in Chapter 3.

In Chapter 2 Season 1, the "secret" skin was Sorana, who had no correlation to the lore.

The second season of this chapter introduced Deadpool as the secret skin, which is when things began to fall apart. Deadpool was the first collaboration skin to replace secret skins, followed by Aquaman, Wolverine, Predator, and others.

While collaboration skins are fantastic, mysterious skins are a much better choice. If Epic brings them back, users will, once again, be excited about unlocking secret skins.

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