Why LTMs desperately need to return in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Avengers LTM (Image via Typical Gamer/YouTube)
Avengers LTM (Image via Typical Gamer/YouTube)
Zachary Roberts

Limited Time Modes have been a part of Fortnite for several years now. The 'first' LTM, as they've come to be known, was the 50v50 mode in 2019 and since then, so many incredible game modes have been created by players and Epic Games alike. There are even players who prefer to play the Limited Time Modes over the main playlists.

They are called limited for a reason, though. These modes are often in rotation and when they're active, they only have a little bit of time before they're gone. It's a great strategy to get players to engage with them while they're active, but it can be frustrating when they're not.


So far, Chapter 3 Season 3 has been without LTMs. They'll probably return eventually, but they should return sooner rather than later. Here's why.

Fortnite LTMs offer players a refreshing take on the game and should come in more often

The biggest reason why LTMs need to return is because players love them. There are good and bad ones since Epic Games is not infallible and does not make perfect game modes every time.

Still, most of them are very popular and are beloved by large parts of the fanbase (like Solid Gold or Unvaulted). Their absence thus far is curious, to say the least.

That reason is also why it's a surprise they're not in the game. Epic Games doesn't always make decisions that the Fortnite community agrees with, but they usually listen to them more than most developers do.

I still really hope Fortnite brings back the "50v50" LTM in the future..I don't really understand why stuff like 50v50, Food Fight or Disco Domination is "vaulted". So much missed potential..

It's most likely just a matter of time before LTMs return, but they should be added back as soon as possible. They're a great addition to the game and provide a good alternative to the standard battle royale modes.

Even with the introduction of Zero Build, the two main games can get a little stale. They are repetitive as players drop into a match and try to fight and win. Doing so over and over can be tedious.

Dropping in on a world with a new loot pool or new game rules can be a great way to spice it up a bit before returning back to the original mode.

Fortnite players have loved most LTMs that have come out, and here are a few of the most popular ones that should return.

Avengers Endgame LTM

Take on Thanos and the Chitauri by wielding Avengers: Endgame items scattered throughout the Battle Royale island 🗺️Drop into the Fortnite Endgame LTM now!…

The Avengers LTM is one of the very first and was also the beginning of all the collaborations players see today. It was also an incredible game mode with awesome gameplay.

Playing with Avengers Mythics was amazing and hasn't been possible since, so it should come back. At the very least, the items should be in Creative.

Solid Gold

All gold weapons, all the time.The Solid Gold LTM is back! Play it now.

Who doesn't love Legendary weapons? Sure, they're all anyone has, but playing in a game mode that gives one a completely gold weapon loadout is pretty fun. It also often features a few vaulted weapons, so players generally like playing it.


Currently vaulted weapons (Image via Epic Games)
Currently vaulted weapons (Image via Epic Games)

When a good weapon gets vaulted, Fortnite gamers miss it. The Unvaulted Fortnite LTM is a perfect opportunity to use these weapons again. The loot pool is usually very different from the main modes and it feels like an entirely different game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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