Will players get Peter Griffin Fortnite skin for free? Explained

Fortnite players can
Fortnite players can't wait to play as Peter griffin. (Image via YouTube/ byArteer)

Fortnite Chapter 3 is already in Season 4, but players are yet to get a Family Guy collab. Although the crossover didn't arrive at the beginning of the new season, players are hopeful that the latest v22.10 update will set everything right. To many, the collab still seems distant.

However, there are some who not only believe that the crossover is imminent, but also reckon they will get the Peter Griffin Fortnite skin for free. Instigated by a Twitter user, players are anticipating a collab and a free reward. Sadly, none of it will materialize.

For the unversed, Family Guy is an American animated TV show that has a massive fan following across the world. The sitcom follows Peter Griffin as he navigates the labyrinth of daily activities. Teased earlier this year, the players have been anticipating a Fortnite x Family Guy collab ever since.

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Players still await the Fortnite x Family guy collaboration

Recently, Twitter user @DrAyo16, shared a post suggesting that all players will get a free Peter Griffinn Fortnite skin once the downtime is over. The post has over 250 likes and 30 retweets. Although the user has cited a source, the veracity of the claim is dubious. It lacks any factual data that can substantiate the assertion.

It is apparent that this misinformation is a feeble attempt at trolling. In an earlier post, the user had proclaimed:

"Imma do a lil bit of trollin."

Building upon this, it is apparent that the information in the post is misleading and doesn't have any grounds. Despite the considerable amount of likes and retweets, players on the comment board are somewhat aware of the nature of the post. The majority of them consider it to be fake.

Will the collab ever manifest ?

Irrespective of the veracity of the tweet, it does stir up the question of whether Family Guy will ever come to the game. Players have been anticipating the collab for a very long time. Meanwhile, many similarly anticipated crossovers like Among Us, Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc have already manifested.

The Fortnite x Family Guy collab was leaked during the State of Unreal showcase earlier this year. Ever since, players have been waiting for it. It was speculated that Peter Griffin and others will be introduced in the timeline during Season 3 Chapter 3. Now that Chapter 3 Season 4 is here, the anticipation has diminished.

This delay, however, doesn't discount the possibility of a collab. There have been instances in the past where the developers took their time before introducing a new feature. Dataminers like Shiina understand that collabs can take time to manifest and a delay doesn't necessarily culminate in cancelation.

What to expect of the Fortnite x Family guy collab

Family Guy collab might happen eventually. (Image via Fox)
Family Guy collab might happen eventually. (Image via Fox)

Family Guy has been around for a very long time. The sheer size of the show will leave developers perturbed as to what to incorporate into the collab. Players can expect iconic characters like Peter, Stewie and other immediate family members and friends.

As for the cosmetics, any one of Stewie's gizmos will suffice. Players might also get recurring gags like Surfin Bird as an emote.

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