5 best Free Fire gloo wall tips for ranked mode

FF players should keep these gloo wall pointers in mind (Image via Sportskeeda)
FF players should keep these gloo wall pointers in mind (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Sanjiv Jaiswal

Free Fire possesses quite an array of ingredients, allowing mobile gamers to execute their tactics wisely. This is one of the critical reasons for the battle royale title being considerably challenging and competitive.

Gloo walls are a highly popular ingredient in Free Fire. They are primarily used to defend against enemies. These items can also be utilized in several strategic ways on the battlegrounds to outplay foes with comfort.


Specifically, in fast-paced ranked modes, players need to use the said utility intelligently when pushing rank.

Disclaimer: Due to a government-assessed ban on Free Fire in India, players from the territory should not use the same title. Instead, they can access their FF IDs via the MAX variant, which is not banned.

Five gloo wall pointers to survive longer in Free Fire ranked matches

1) Use Mr. Waggor pet compulsorily


Mr. Waggor's skill, Smooth Gloo, is dedicated to gloo walls. At its minimum level, the ability generates one wall grenade every 120 seconds for users if they do not have one in their inventory.

On the other hand, it produces one gloo wall every 100 seconds if gamers have less than two gloo wall grenades available in their inventory.

Using Mr. Waggor, they can generate unlimited gloo walls by following a simple procedure. All they need to do is take the wall grenades out of the backpack if they already have more than two. Once an adequate number of walls are generated, they can pick them up again.

Smooth Gloo will maintain a sufficient number of gloo walls in users' backpacks, allowing them to use the walls quite extensively. However, those who do not have Mr. Waggor can choose Beaston or Robo, who also boost the efficiency of gloo walls.

2) Never be stingy about spending gloo walls

Extensive use of gloo wall (Image via TG DELETE/YouTube)
Extensive use of gloo wall (Image via TG DELETE/YouTube)

Beginners often make the mistake of not deploying a wall on their front while healing, reloading the gun, and during close-range confrontations. They try to save as many gloo walls as possible and do not use these temporary walls even when indeed necessary.

This may lead to their early elimination and ultimately decrement in ranking points in ranked matches. Free Fire professionals always focus on winning combat regardless of how much utilities are being spent.

3) Climb to secret places using gloo walls


This specific trick is mainly for passive players and rank pushers. Free Fire has many monuments and houses on its maps where they can take shelter to defend against enemies.

While some places are very common, a few can be called secret places that gamers have discovered for various purposes, such as camping and rank pushing.

Most such places are challenging to occupy. However, using a few gloo walls makes it relatively more straightforward. Users can climb to these rare places with the help of gloo walls to hide from enemies and camp for longer to ensure higher ranking points in each match.

4) Save gloo walls for last zones


As explained earlier, gamers must use gloo walls extensively in suitable scenarios. However, it does not mean unnecessary use of this utility.

Last zone fights in Free Fire are usually hasty, in which they need to perform quick steps. Here, the role of gloo walls is highly significant.

The chances of winning fights increase substantially when players have enough gloo walls in their hands. Hence, they should save some wall grenades for the last zone.

5) Trap enemies in corners and by blocking house openings


In some circumstances, conquering a battle with firearms is impossible. Players should use their minds in such situations and trap enemies by blocking them with gloo walls.

This is a good technique when the safe zone shrinks and users battle near the zone's edge. However, they will need enough gloo walls to execute this trick.

The same procedure can also be used for self-defense. Free Fire gamers can block the openings of several houses and can heal inside without the fear of enemy attacks.

Note: The above points are not listed in any order, and this article solely depicts the author's opinions.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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