5 best Free Fire players to watch for aggressive gameplay in April 2022

Here are the best YouTubers with aggressive gameplay (Image via Garena)
Here are the best YouTubers with aggressive gameplay (Image via Garena)

Free Fire has an extensive global community, and its player base serves as an audience for creators on platforms such as YouTube. People consume a wide variety of content related to the game; unsurprisingly, gameplay emerges as one of the most preferred content.

A sizable portion of the fan base is drawn to its aggressive gameplay. Players who employ an aggressive approach and demolish their opponents without fear are always entertaining to see in action.

The following section looks at the top five players creating this sort of content.

Note: The list represents the writer’s opinion, and the reader’s choice could vary.

Top 5 Free Fire players to watch for aggressive gameplay (April 2022)



Keshav Kumar, otherwise recognized by the Free Fire community as ALPHA FREEFIRE, is an Indian YouTuber. His tremendous skill and flair on the battlefield frequently astonishes his fans. Over the years, he has regularly posted content and has accumulated a subscriber count of 5.15 million.

Apart from that, the total number of views on the YouTube channel of ALPHA FREEFIRE stands at over 720.110 million. Readers can check his in-game stats within the game by visiting his ID – 480101976 – on the Indian server.

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4) Vincenzo


Vincenzo, commonly referred to as OP Vincenzo, is another content creator that is primarily watched for his gameplay. His in-game ID number is 437144862, and he has incredible stats within the battle royale title. He frequently uploads montages and videos to his channel and plays on the game’s Middle East server.

At the time of writing, Vincenzo has released 464 videos, the most-watched of which has 47 million views. Meanwhile, the subscriber and view counts are over 6.85 million and 466.74 million, respectively.

3) B2K (Born2Kill)


B2K takes up the third spot on the list, and the channel is run by two brothers Moez and Walid. They are well known around the world for their exceptional combat prowess and are particularly adored for their extreme precision while using snipers.

Presently, gamers can find 8.73 million subscribers on their main YouTube channel, combined with 573.36 million views. They also have three more channels with 1.35 million, 356 thousand, and 161 thousand subscribers.

B2K’s Free Fire ID is 320653047.

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2) Raistar


Almost all Indian Free Fire users will identify Raistar, who is celebrated for his gameplay-based videos on the battle royale game. In Free Fire, his ID is 12022250, and he is the leader of the guild – RAI BROTHERS, whose ID number is 61575940.

Even though he hasn’t posted a lot of content, he has accumulated 6.69 million subscribers with 154.82 million views. Raistar also has a live stream channel named 'Rai Live.’



RUOF FF is arguably the most talented Free Fire content creator in terms of gameplay, and his videos are stunning. Apart from the skills, the editing work is also outstanding, keeping viewers wholly engaged as they see him hit beautiful shots. He has a massive following across the platforms, and his in-game ID is 261109577.

Presently, he features 9.83 million subscribers and is on the way to the massive 10 million mark. The accumulative views of RUOF FF have surpassed 599.43 million.

Honorable mentions: SYBLUS, NOBRU, and Pahadi Gamer.

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