5 Free Fire tips to get more Booyah in Heroic rank in Ranked Season 27

Implement these tips to get more Booyahs in ranked mode (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Implement these tips to get more Booyahs in ranked mode (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Matthew Wilkins

Ranked Season 27 of Garena Free Fire, which started on April 15, 2022, will end on June 16. During this two-month timeframe, players will compete to reach the prestigious Grandmaster rank.

To secure the highest level, players need to accumulate the maximum amount of points earned per game. Booyahs, an achievement secured by becoming the last one standing in the game, is the best method to climb up the leaderboard.


Note: Sportskeeda does not encourage Indian players to play Free Fire since it is banned in the country.

Follow these tips to secure more Booyahs Free Fire's Ranked Season 27

5) Keep moving after securing a kill


Unless players use a silencer attachment and get a one-shot kill, staying in one place after securing the kill is an unwise decision. Opponents in the area will be drawn to the sound of gunfire, and players may not have enough supplies to deal with a second fight.

To avoid this situation, the safest thing to do is to rotate as far as possible and leave the area. While players can linger on to stock up on their supplies, overstaying their welcome can lead to problems. If they are spotted, the enemy will get the upper hand with relative ease.

4) Use utility items to gain an edge in combat


When facing opponents in ranked matches, gun skills alone will not win the day. Players need to complement their weapons with utility items that will give them a competitive edge.

Facing campers, for instance, is not the easiest task in Free Fire. Given their position, they can defend themselves from attacks. However, by using certain tactical items, such as flashbangs and smoke grenades, players will be able to easily rush the campers and eliminate them.

3) Avoid getting into long pitched battles to converse supplies


Supplies are finite in a Free Fire match. Once an area has been looted, the only ways players can receive loot are via death boxes or airdrops. Depending on either is not a practical solution.

Players need to conserve supplies by not getting involved in long pitched battles. If an opponent cannot be defeated even after firing a few rounds worth of ammunition, it is best to move on. Such a tactic will ensure that players do not find themselves without bullets towards the end of the match.

2) Reach the end zone first and secure a defendable location


The end zone is the last hurdle that players must overcome to win a match. This region of the map will test a player's ability to stay alive and fight for survival against all odds.

Players need to reach the end zone before their opponents and find a defendable location to hold their ground. If this strategy can be implemented in every match, one’s odds of winning will improve substantially.

1) Build a character combo that can withstand damage


Certain characters in Free Fire can improve defense by reducing damage taken from gunfire and explosives. Others improve the durability of gloo walls, which makes it harder to kill the player.

To get more Booyahs, players need to mix and match characters with traits that increase their odds of survival. By experimenting, they will be able to settle on a winning combination, which will help them get more Booyahs and climb up the leaderboard with ease.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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