5 reasons why Chrono isn't the best Free Fire character anymore

Chrono has taken the backseat in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Chrono has taken the backseat in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Once upon a time, when the name 'Chrono' was mentioned in Free Fire, it carried weight. Players and opponents both knew that facing the character on the battlefield was a death sentence. Given his ability, winning was a slim possibility.

However, after the OB31 update, the character lost much of its importance in the game. While players still use him for combat, most only do so because they bought the character and didn't want to make him lie dormant. Nevertheless, he has fallen from grace, and here are a few reasons why.


Note: Indian players must avoid playing Free Fire since it is banned in the country.

Major reasons why Chrono has taken the backseat in Free Fire

5) High price


Perhaps one of the worst things about Chrono in Free Fire is the price. Although his ability has been nerfed drastically, he is still being sold at 599 diamonds. While many players are still willing to purchase the character, those who had previously bought him feel cheated.

Furthermore, when comparing Chrono to others in the same price range, such as DJ Alok and Dimitri, he falls short in most regards. The only reason perhaps why his price has not been reduced is due to the fact that the character has been modeled after Cristiano Ronaldo.

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4) Low utility


In terms of utility, Chrono's ability, Time Turner, has lost much of its value. Prior to the nerf, it could be used to rush opponents and win most fights. Currently, it only serves only as a defensive barrier.

Even then, the utility is rather questionable. When maxed out, the shield barrier only lasts for a measly six seconds. Once used, it takes 120 seconds to cool down. At this rate, players are much better off using gloo walls.

3) Practical use in combat is limited


While the shield barrier sounds useful, its practical application in Free Fire is rather limited. Without being able to shoot from within the barrier, there is hardly any strategic value.

For instance, if a player were to exit the barrier and try to peek-shoot a target, they are likely to get shot instantly. Since the force field is see-through, players will be unable to hide their movement from enemy players.

2) Ability cooldown time is high


At the base level, Chrono's cooldown is fixed at 180 seconds, which is the second-highest in-game. The only character's ability to have a higher cooldown period is Wukong at 300 seconds.

Given that his ability is nerfed, having such a high cooldown period makes no sense. For the most part, it's better for players to use gloo walls for defense than rely on the force field. At least gloo walls don't disappear after a certain amount of time.

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1) Better characters at lower prices


When Chrono was introduced in Free Fire, the price of the character was beyond justified. His ability once allowed players to dominate the battlefield with ease. However, following the nerf, there are characters that cost less but perform better.

For instance, A124 costs only 399 diamonds but is superior in every way to Chrono. Another good example is Maro, who costs 499 diamonds. Players can use him effectively in long-range combat.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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