5 tips for Free Fire squads to reach Grandmaster rank in April 2022

Reaching the Grandmaster rank is a feat unlike any other in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Reaching the Grandmaster rank is a feat unlike any other in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

The most prestigious rank in Free Fire is Grandmaster. It is highly sought after by many players, but only a few have managed to secure it. Due to the many challenges faced along the way, many simply give up their pursuit of it and return to normal BR mode.

However, reaching Grandmaster is not impossible. As seen, season after season, many players are able to reach and secure rank in just a few days. This proves that although it takes a lot of skill and effort to reach it, it can be done. By following a few tips and implementing them in the match, players will begin seeing some results.


Note: Indian players must avoid playing Free Fire since it is banned.

Ways to reach Grandmaster rank in Free Fire

5) Patience is key


During a ranked match, things don't always start off on a high note. At times, the early game is slow, and there's nothing to do but loot. In these situations, impatient teammates tend to wander off in search of kills. On a good day, they are likely to succeed. However, on bad days, they end up dying and weaken the team’s combat effectiveness.

To avoid this situation and have a fighting chance, players must be patient throughout the match. No matter the situation, it is the key to overcoming it. Additionally, players who can remain patient are less likely to go rogue and not listen to their fellow squadmates.

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4) Clear communication and coordination are vital


When aiming for the Grandmaster rank in Free Fire, teams must ensure that their communication is as clear as possible. Teammates should consistently call out important things such as the position and direction of the enemy, surplus loot such as ammo, utility items, and of course, airdrops.

In addition to flawless communication, players must coordinate among themselves as well. When attacking, the squad should move in unison, and when defending, they should cover each other's blind spots. This will ensure that the enemy team will not be able to divide and conquer players.

3) Don't go in with a losing mindset


Reaching the Grandmaster rank is a difficult task for most players. Despite being good in the game, there's always someone better. At times, this truth cannot be changed. However, players can change their mindset and adjust to the reality of the situation.

Rather than accepting defeat or preparing for it at the start of every match, players should adopt a positive mindset. This will help them cope with long rank-push sessions and not lose morale when eliminated during a match.

2) Aggressive gameplay is not the solution


One of the many ways to earn points in ranked Free Fire matches is by securing kills. However, given the nature of the task, it's easier said than done. Those who venture too far in search of kills often get eliminated themselves. This drastically slows down the entire rank push.

While aggressive gameplay is not a bad thing, players must understand that trying to score the maximum amount of points via elimination is not always feasible. At times, it's best to simply try and win and match or at the very least reach the end zone of every game.

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1) Use strategies to win


Firepower alone cannot help a team win ranked matches. Smart opponents will simply dodge bullets by placing gloo walls or hiding behind hardcovers. In the end, players will end up spending supplies without any tangible gain. In the worst-case scenario, this may lead to depletion of supplies and cripple combat effectiveness.

To avoid this outcome, players should implement numerous strategies to stay on top of things. This involves rotation, securing high ground, advanced gloo wall techniques, and even attack formations. By using these to their maximum potential, winning ranked matches in Free Fire to reach the Grandmaster tier will be easy.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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