"I strongly believe that Free Fire will be back soon": YouTuber Rocky & RDX on return of Garena’s battle royale game

Rocky & RDX is a famous Free Fire content creator (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rocky & RDX is a famous Free Fire content creator (Image via Sportskeeda)

The ban of Garena's flagship title, Free Fire, was a shock to mobile gamers and content creators. While most of the player base has shifted to Free Fire MAX, some are still optimistic about the battle royale title's return.

Rocky & RDX, a famous Free Fire content creator with over 1.27 million subscribers, is among the optimists. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports's Debolina Banerjee, the YouTuber talked about his journey in the game, India's esports scenario, and more.

Rocky & RDX's journey as a Free Fire content creator

Q. Tell us about your journey in the gaming world. How did the idea behind creating a YouTube channel come to be?

Rocky & RDX: I worked with HDFC Bank Private Limited at that time. After a stressful day, I used to come home and play Free Fire. I had no idea that the players with whom I was playing daily were the most prominent content creators of the battle royale game. I started a YouTube channel very casually without any expectations, and here I am!

Q. There were other popular battle royale games when you started your streaming journey. What made you choose Free Fire?

Rocky & RDX: I believe Free Fire was my destiny. My friends used to play PUBG (now BGMI), but I had a simple Android device, so they suggested I play the Garena classic. Even if they used to pull my leg about playing it, I played it regularly. Fortunately, that led me to become a YouTuber.

Q. Indian Esports has come a long way and is quite popular today. Over the past two years, what are some of the significant changes you've noticed?

Rocky & RDX: There have been so many changes over the years. Many more teams are in the Tier 1 lobby, and these sides/players are well-groomed, serious, and dedicated.

New esports organizations are showing great interest as well. So hopefully, this is just the beginning.

Q. Now that Free Fire is banned in India, do you think that the esports scenario of the country will get impacted? Is there any scope for its return?

Rocky & RDX: Esports has been impacted, but hopefully, we will all see a big boom in esports and be more successful when Garena's flagship title returns. Our esports boys are eager to lift an international trophy representing India.

Q. You stream on both Booyah! and YouTube. How are these two platforms different from each another?

Rocky & RDX: There is a big difference between the two platforms. Booyah! primarily has a Free Fire audience, whereas YouTube features various games. Newcomers can subscribe to our YouTube channel for a variety of entertainment.

Q. You create event-centric content as well as stream the battle royale game. Which type of videos (content or stream) are easier to upload and why?

Rocky & RDX: Well, uploading a video is much easier than livestreaming a game. You cannot permanently hide your emotions in the latter, and the audience can see the hard work behind the scenes.

In the case of a regular video, you can take unlimited retakes and edits to upload once you are satisfied with it.

Q. Since you are a caster and a streamer, which profession is more challenging – casting or streaming?


Rocky & RDX: I believe casting is comparatively more challenging than streaming. Casters have to keep multiple things in mind, such as remembering the names of all players and giving emotional reactions to fantastic moments in the match.

On the other hand, streaming is safer because there are no targets or expectations.

Q. The most viewed video on your channel is the Grand Finals FFT. What are some critical aspects gamers must keep in mind before participating in tournaments?


Rocky & RDX: Players should focus entirely on winning, always be mindful of any situation that can get the team in trouble, mainly concentrate on passive gameplay, trusting their teammates (especially the in-game leader), and playing with dedication. These points can help them win championships.

Q. Your YouTube channel has over one million subscribers and is entirely centered around Free Fire. Do you think diversification of content will help you in the process?

Rocky & RDX: I firmly believe that Free Fire will be back soon, so I do not plan to change the content or the game. However, I might shift to a different battle royale game if it does not come back in the worst-case scenario. The content will always keep on coming regardless of the game.

Q. What do you have to share with aspiring esports players so they get motivated to pursue this as a career?

Rocky & RDX: Well, everyone has paid money and put in a lot of time behind the battle royale game. It's time to get something out of it. Do you have that skill? If yes, showcase your talent in esports!

Don't just hoard different collections, as it will not get you anything. In esports, you will get money, fame, and, most importantly, respect. Free Fire can allow you to represent India in esports someday. So, grab your device and show everyone the skills you have!

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