10 keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11 for ultimate productivity 

Keyboard shortcuts are highly useful to increase productivity (Image via RTINGS)
Keyboard shortcuts are highly useful to increase productivity (Image via RTINGS)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Everyone has used keyboard shortcuts in their lifetime, given how useful the feature is. In simpler terms, many operating systems allow certain combinations of key pressing that allow users to complete simple tasks relatively easily. These tasks can be done alternatively, but they would require more effort in such cases.

There are several keyboard shortcuts, and it could be a time-intensive procedure if someone wants to learn it all. However, not all are equally helpful - if anything, some are much more important than others.

Here's a list of ten shortcuts required for daily operations. They make users' lives easier and get the job done faster. Each of the 10 keyboard shortcuts mentioned here adds a lot of productivity, and some of them are extremely popular with users from all spectrums.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the writer's views. All shortcuts are applicable for Windows.

Top 10 helpful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11

1) Restoring tabs (Ctrl + Shift + T)


Accidental closure of tabs on internet browsers can happen due to several reasons. In such cases, users can mostly go to the history tab of the browser and restore the tabs.

There's a pretty swift alternative in the form of the shortcut mentioned above. This will automatically restore the tabs of the last session without the need to go and search the history section, drastically reducing the number of clicks needed.

2) Paste as plain text (Ctrl + Shift + V)


In modern times, users often copy and paste stuff from the internet. These include hyperlinks and other URLs, which can be highlighted as separate text if someone doesn't notice while copy-pasting them.

Irrespective of the text's materials, the keyboard shortcut automatically converts it into plain text. It also removes the need to select the content separately, and then convert it to plain text, which ends up saving a lot of time and effort.

3) Minimize all windows (Windows + M)


In today's multitasking world, users often have too many windows open simultaneously. Closing them and re-opening them can draw up resources and squander valuable time. Minimizing them one by one can be a waste of time and energy. Users can simply press the Windows and M buttons together to minimize all screens simultaneously.

4) Kill the process (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)


PCs can hang up for different reasons and are often caused by a particular process. In such cases, the typical preference of the user is to bring up the task manager and end the process. However, there's a far better alternative in the form of a keyboard shortcut as mentioned above.

This doesn't require the need for a task manager and automatically terminates the process that caused the PC to freeze. This process can take some time based on the available hardware, but can help the user get out of trouble quite quickly.

5) Replying to emails (R/Ctrl + R)


It's not the most convenient way to find the reply option when responding to a message contained in the mail. Users can sometimes even make mistakes, click on Reply All, and accidentally send a message to more people than they want.

This can be avoided by using the keyboard shortcut required to reply to an email. In the case of the Outlook client, pressing Ctrl+R works, but in the case of Gmail, users will need to turn on the use of keyboard shortcuts first.

6) Bookmarking webpage (Ctrl + D)


Given the rise in the internet's importance, users often have to add essential web pages as bookmarks to avoid losing them in the future.

Instead of clicking on the bookmarks section, all a person needs to do is press Ctrl+D, and they will get the option to add the page as a bookmark in the desired folder/collection of their choice.

7) Selecting rows in MS Excel (Shift + Space)


Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used office tabulation software due to its ease of use and convenience. It offers users the ability to select both columns and rows as a whole.

To select a row, a user must click on one of the cells in the desired row. Pressing the shift and space buttons together selects it entirely, making it a handy keyboard shortcut to have.

8) Switching tabs on the browser (Ctrl + Tab)


This is a godsend keyboard shortcut for those using multiple browser tabs simultaneously. Instead of manually hovering the mouse pointer and repeating the process, using a shortcut makes life a lot easier. Instead of pressing Tab, users can also combine the number buttons to select a particular tab.

9) Move word by word (Ctrl + Arrow buttons)


The cursor, by default, moves from one character to another in a sequential way. However, there can be plenty of characters that can make it a time-intensive affair.

A user can instead choose to do the same process word-by-word. All they need to do is click hold Ctrl button along with the arrow buttons in the direction they decide to move.

10) Deleting entire words (Ctrl + Backspace)


Many users aren't aware of a simple keyboard shortcut where they can remove an entire word instead of deleting separate characters. This allows them to type faster and remove errors quicker. The shortcut is quite simple as they must hold the Ctrl button while deleting the wrong word.

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