10 websites to help you with coding

A gaming and coding setup (Image via Reddit/u/mr_sharpoblunto)
A gaming and coding setup (Image via Reddit/u/mr_sharpoblunto)

Coding is a skill that can be solely learned through websites on the internet as there are multiple courses, guides, and challenges that can help advance one's skillset. Even if you are a proficient coder, you can use various websites to practice your abilities and get insightful assessments.

Solving coding puzzles and finishing challenges is a fun way of becoming better and this article will list 10 websites that offer the best learning environment, taught through challenges, guides, puzzles, and more.

HackerEarth, CodeAcademy, and 8 other websites to help you become better at coding

1) GeeksforGeeks


GeeksforGeeks.org is a computer science portal with many articles, videos, and tutorials for various languages. All the content is well articulated with some extra intuitive quizzes and puzzles that users can go through to hone their programming skills.

On the website, users can learn C, C++, Java, Python, and more coding languages. Anyone from a beginner to a developer will find something beneficial as it has a wide range of explanations across various content.

2) CodeAcademy


For free coding classes, CodeAcademy.com is the best website. It offers classes in various languages, including C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, Ruby, SQL, Swift, Sass, HTML, and CSS. The courses offered that it offers are beginner-friendly and will help enthusiasts as well, all for free.

The portal also has a pro plan that includes some extra features such as unlimited mobile practice, real-world projects, step-by-step guidance, and certificates of completion.

3) HackerEarth


HackerEarth.com is a platform for developers on which coding contests are held, including data science competitions, hackathons, and challenges. Other than that, this website is also used by companies to hire coders by conducting remote video interviews, technical skill assessments, and more.

For coders who need to practice for interviews, Hacker Earth has a bunch of interview-related questions that can be practiced via quizzes and puzzles.

4) Coderbyte


Coderbyte.com is a platform that can help coders exponentially improve upon their programming skills as it lets them work on real-world problems with more than 300 issues that have surfaced in front and back-end development. They can also learn more than 15 programming languages and go through over two million user-submitted solutions.

This platform also has various challenges users can complete to improve their skills, go through interview prep, and learn through expert videos. It has a subscription-based payment, with $35 per month per user or an annual choice for $150.

5) CodinGame


CodinGame.com is an amalgamation of challenge-based programming training with games, competitions, puzzles, quizzes, and more activities to learn through. The exercises are grouped into easy, medium, hard, and very hard so that students with basic level knowledge and coders with professional experience can use this website.

There are single and multi-player modes so that you can compete against others in real time. It has a leaderboard as well and the best performers can also win prizes.

6) Geektastic


Geektastic.com offers various code challenges in Java, Python, PHP, and more where users can also have their skills assessed by experts. It has human-reviewed technical assessments that companies use for talent acquisition and engineering team training.

If you have ample experience, you can join the website's review team and get paid to review coding submissions for clients who need solutions to their projects.



SPOJ is short for Sphere Online Judge and is a coding library with more than 20,000 challenges that users can complete to train themselves to build efficient algorithms. Moreover, those who complete such tasks can also receive rewards such as gift cards.

Users are ranked in contests that support more than 45 languages and compilers. There are discussion boards as well so that they can learn new coding techniques, and clear doubts and queries.

8) CodeChef


CodeChef.com is a competitive programming platform with dedicated monthly contests. It even has 3000+ problems that can be practiced and are suitable for beginners to experienced programmers. With features such as video editorials, debugging code, chat-based doubt support, and more, it is a great website to learn how to code.

Using the discussion forum, users can connect with the community of programmers who can provide aid to grow and learn. The platform lets them host their own contests as well.

9) Exercism


Exercism.org is a free platform through which users can learn coding with support for more than 60 programming languages. It is a community-funded, non-profit organization with more than 3000 coding exercises and free mentoring for beginners.

The platform can also be used to test your code and understand where mistakes are being made. Users simply have to sign up for free to unlock all of its features.

10) LeetCode


LeetCode.com is a platform with more than 2000 problems that users can practice for free. It features challenges in topics such as dynamic programming, algorithms, and database structures. Moreover, it prepares users for technical interviews and provides a platform for companies to find potential candidates.

Users can run their code in 14 coding languages and test their projects online. LeetCode also has weekly and monthly challenges that they can complete to stay on top of their game.

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