5 best PC parts to upgrade and spend your money on (2022)

There are various components that will massively increase performance if upgraded (Image via u/TIK_GT/Reddit)
There are various components that will massively increase performance if upgraded (Image via u/TIK_GT/Reddit)

There are a lot of components that go into a PC, and some make a bigger difference while gaming than others. Building a PC and maintaining the setup is not easy, and it is also a costly hobby. That said, the best way to increase performance is to change one part at a time.

The best advantage of owning a gaming PC is its longevity. A PC can work for many years without needing to be replaced and can be powerful. If a component becomes outdated or defective, it can simply be substituted for a newer one. As more AAA games are released every year, the minimum requirements needed to play these titles increase with them, and every PC owner will have to upgrade their system sooner or later to keep up.

This article will list the best parts to spend money on to increase performance.

Each item on this list will enhance the experience derived from using a PC

1) Storage


If you want to see the biggest difference in performance, upgrade to an SSD (Solid-State Drive) from an HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Even getting a cheap SSD is a huge upgrade from an HDD. It can safely be presumed that, in the future, HDDs will be completely replaced by SSDs, solely because it's more technologically advanced.

If getting a 1TB SSD is too expensive, buying the smallest capacity one and installing the OS on it is worth it, too, since this will largely reduce boot times. And if games are installed on it, the in-game load times will drastically decrease. However, SSD won't offer a boost in FPS, though.

2) Monitor


Getting better image quality and a higher refresh rate is essential when gaming. The difference between 60Hz and 144Hz is immense. So much so that it cannot be explained in words; it's something that has to be experienced, especially if the refresh rate is higher, like 360Hz.

If you have a gaming PC that can run games at high FPS but not a gaming monitor, the best component you can spend your money on is a monitor with a high refresh rate. Moreover, you can get a 1440p monitor, which makes visuals look vastly better than a 1080p monitor, with games looking crisp and clear at a higher resolution.

The sweet spot for most people is the display at 1440p resolution, running at 144Hz.

3) Peripherals


Even though upgrading your peripherals will not boost gaming performance in any way, it will improve your overall gaming experience significantly. The mouse and keyboard are the two components that you use the most when gaming, and getting quality ones is a meaningful upgrade. Changing from wired peripherals to wireless ones is the best way to upgrade them, and no wire holding you back is a great feeling.

A mechanical keyboard is a big upgrade compared to a membrane one for gaming, as they are faster and more durable; moreover, they feel and sound satisfying. Secondly, getting an ergonomic mouse with a quality sensor will improve one's gaming performance massively as the user will feel one with the mouse, making movement and aiming more accurate and precise.

4) Graphics card


The most obvious way to increase performance is to get a stronger GPU that will improve FPS, reduce stuttering issues, and help run games at a higher resolution. The only downside of upgrading the GPU is that with it, you will also need to upgrade your PSU due to the high power requirements of a modern GPU.

You will also need to check whether the new GPU will fit in your cabinet; newer GPUs are large, and it's common for users to encounter problems with fitting them inside the case with other components. This is because large GPUs tend to get in the way of RAM and CPU coolers.

5) RAM


To make your PC feel less sluggish, increasing the amount of RAM is a good way to increase performance. With more RAM in your system, you can run more apps at once, multitask, and also improve FPS in games. Newer titles have a higher requirement for RAM as well, so upgrading it will also make your system more future-proof.

RAM comes in different capacities and speeds, and you need to check which type of RAM is supported by your motherboard and CPU. Getting RAM that is faster than supported will be a waste of money, and if you get DDR4 RAM for a DDR3 motherboard, it will simply not fit, and vice versa.

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