5 best graphics cards for gaming and streaming 

Nvidia's Ampere tech has changed the game (Image via Nvidia, Sportskeeda)
Nvidia's Ampere tech has changed the game (Image via Nvidia, Sportskeeda)
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Graphics cards are one of the most fundamental parts of a Gaming PC. If you want the maximum FPS and graphical performance from your gaming PC, it is highly recommended that the majority of your budget goes towards a good GPU.

Choosing between the vast options available for a good GPU has never been as difficult as in 2022. The newest Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are extremely powerful and efficient.

Explore these superior graphics cards

5) Nvidia RTX 3070

Value for money champ (Image via Nvidia)
Value for money champ (Image via Nvidia)

Nvidia’s RTX 3070 is the least powerful graphics card on this list but by no means be looked down upon. With the 3070, Nvidia has gripped down the $500 graphics card market. The 3070, in some cases, is even able to outclass the performance of its flagship predecessor 2080 Ti, which says a lot. The RTX 3070 is an excellent value for those who want decent future-proofing but don’t want to break the bank.

  • Boost Clock - 1.73 GHz
  • Memory Size - 8 GB GDDR6
  • Memory Type - GDDR6X
  • Nvidia CUDA Cores - 5888
  • Price - $499
. Getting 240+ fps with everything set to ultra on apex legends sheeeesh.God bless rtx 3070.

4) AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT

Nvidia's got some competition (Image via MSI)
Nvidia's got some competition (Image via MSI)

AMD finally brought an excellent option in the high-end GPU market with Radeon RX 6900 XT. The card features a fully enabled Navi 21 GPU based on 80 compute units. With the RX 6900 XT, AMD sought to compete with the RTX 3080 head on and somewhat to 3090 by undercutting its price by almost $500.

The 6900 XT is an exceptional graphics card that can power 4k resolutions without any hassles. A Ryzen 5000 series processor and RX 6900 XT paired together is an unparalleled combination. This is thanks to AMD’s Smart Access Memory Technology, which boosts overall system performance when AMD’s CPU and GPU are used in unison.

  • Clock speed - 2.23 GHz
  • Memory Size - 16 GB
  • Memory Type - GDDR6
  • Stream processors - 5120
  • Price - $999

3) Nvidia RTX 3080

3080 offers 2X performance compared to the 2080 (Image via Nvidia)
3080 offers 2X performance compared to the 2080 (Image via Nvidia)

RTX 3080 is a step below 3090 but definitely not in general. The card set incredible standards in terms of price-to-performance ratio compared to Nvidia’s 20 series cards. The 3080 is a boastful 55% better than the previous generation 2080 in terms of speed.

The most impressive takeaway here is that this graphical upgrade comes at the same price as its predecessor. If you are a hardcore gamer and want the best value for a graphics card, 3080 is a no-brainer.

  • Boost Clock - 1.67 GHz
  • Memory Size - 12/10 GB
  • Memory Type - GDDR6X
  • Nvidia CUDA Cores - 8960 / 8704
  • Price - $699
J'ai justement une @msifrance RTX 3080 Ti GAMING X TRIO !…Allez, on la déballe ! 🔥

2) Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti

The ideal GPU for power users (Image via Nvidia)
The ideal GPU for power users (Image via Nvidia)

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti is one of the graphics cards that bridges the gap between 3090 Ti and 3080. It was launched 9 months after the release of 3080 as a mid-generation refresher and has successfully managed to make a substantial place in the 30 series of cards.

The 3080 Ti provides 3090 level gaming performance at a substantially lower price with just half the VRAM as a downgrade. This iteration of the 30 series of cards is a more consumer oriented option.

  • Boost Clock - 1.67 GHz
  • Memory Size - 12 GB
  • Memory Type - GDDR6X
  • Nvidia CUDA Cores - 10240
  • Price - $1119

1) Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti

Behemoth (Image via Nvidia)
Behemoth (Image via Nvidia)

Starting off with the absolute titan of graphics cards, RTX 3090 Ti. This card is without a doubt one of the fastest graphics cards to ever exist. 3090 Ti is even capable of handling games at an extremely impressive 8K resolution.

That being said, 3090 Ti does have little value for gamers compared to other flagship offerings from Nvidia. 3090 Ti shines especially well in terms of value for a professional that can properly utilize its overstepping capability. Also, if you belong to the rare breed of people who want to simultaneously stream and play a game like Elden Ring at a stupendous frame rate, only the 3090 and above can facilitate that.

In conclusion whether you’re a professional or simply want the best GPU possible irrespective of value, RTX 3090 is the choice to make.

  • Boost Clock - 1.7 GHz
  • Memory Size - 24 GB
  • Memory Type - GDDR6X
  • Nvidia CUDA Cores - 10496
  • Price - $1999

If you are planning on getting into high-end graphics cards that can manage gaming and streaming simultaneously, Nvidia is undoubtedly the premiere choice. The new generation of Nvidia graphics cards includes a separate video encoding hardware called Nvidia NVENC. This separates the encoder offloads the streaming load from the CPU and reserves graphical performance for the game.

Nvidia RTX graphics cards also feature support for the Nvidia Broadcast application. Nvidia Broadcast is an invaluable asset to streamers with its inbuilt tools like RTX Voice and emulating virtual green screen.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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