5 best PC controller deals in Black Friday 2022 sale

Here are the top PC controller deals that one should check out this Black Friday (Image via Razer / Xbox)
Here are the top PC controller deals that one should check out this Black Friday (Image via Razer/Xbox)

Looking to grab a PC controller this Black Friday? Popular retailers like Best Buy and Amazon are currently offering massive discounts on gaming accessories. This may be the perfect time to get one of those best-selling or premium custom controllers you have always wanted.

Controllers may not be a common accessory to use with a desktop or laptop. However, some video game genres encourage the employment of these devices over the iconic mouse-keyboard combo for a better experience. Here are the best controller deals to take advantage of this Black Friday.

Top PC controller deals that one should check out this Black Friday

5) Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller


Price after discount: Starts at $39.99 for the base edition (special editions cost more)

The basic and official Xbox Wireless Controller is perfect for those long gaming sessions and comes adequately equipped with features. It is compatible with Xbox consoles, PC, Android, and iOS systems. The ergonomic design it boasts is made complete with a hybrid D-pad, textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back-case.

You can easily pair the controller with devices using Bluetooth or by simply plugging its USB-C port into a console or PC. The ongoing pre-Black Friday season has also slashed the price of the Xbox Wireless Controller considerably, letting fans avail of exciting discounts on the popular accessory via Amazon and Best Buy.

4) RIG Nacon Revolution X Controller


Price after discount: $69.99

This highly customizable and ergonomically designed controller is meant to be used with Xbox consoles and PCs. It is built to facilitate competitive gaming. With the dedicated Revolution X App, one can make use of the limitless customizations this product offers. This includes mapping buttons, setting thumbstick sensitivity, triggering dead zones, and much more.

In addition to letting you store up to four game profiles, the Nacon Revolution X also features four programmable rear panel triggers for extra customization. The product also offers precise 3D audio via headphones to grant the user a considerable edge in competitive scenarios. You can grab a $30 discount on this controller via Best Buy's early Black Friday deals.

3) PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller


Price after discount: $49.99

The Fusion Pro 2 is undoubtedly one of the best controllers offered under the PowerA label. It is specially curated for use with Xbox Series X|S consoles but is compatible with Xbox One and PC as well. Considering the 44% discount (Amazon) on its MSRP, the Fusion Pro 2 presents a superb deal to grab this Black Friday.

The controller features four programmable buttons, three-way trigger locks, ALPS analog thumbsticks, and two faceplate options to support customer needs. It also offers intricate in-game feedback through its dual rumble motors and magnetic impulse triggers.

The PowerA Fusion Pro 2 not only features an ergonomic design but also encourages customization like no other PC controller in this price range. It's definitely a great accessory to pick this Black Friday.

2) SCUF Instinct Pro/Reflex Pro


Price after discount: 20% discount on custom controllers, $60 off on pre-configured Reflex Pro

Every gamer accustomed to using a controller has come across the eye-catching SCUF custom controller series for consoles and desktops/laptops. The Instinct and Reflex Pro are highly-customizable โ€” from faceplates to button kit โ€” and are especially suited to those who are choosy about their gaming needs.

Like most popular brands, SCUF will celebrate the Black Friday season by offering discounts on its products. The brand will offer a 20% discount on custom controllers and a $60 reduction on pre-configured Reflex FPS controllers purchased via the official website.

1) Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma


Price after discount: $99.99

The Razer Wolverine V2 Chrome is undoubtedly the best PC controller to grab this Black Friday. The ongoing pre-holiday shopping season has slashed its price by $50 (Best Buy), making the popular third-party controller a member of the exciting less-than-$100 bracket.

The Wolverine V2 Chroma supports adequate customizations and is very ergonomically designed to ensure comfort during long gaming sessions. It also features delicate RGB Chroma lighting on the sides, which adds to its design. Moreover, this product is compatible with major platforms, including Xbox consoles, PC, Android, and iOS systems.

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