5 best TVs for Nintendo Switch

Ready to Switch? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ready to Switch? (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Nintendo Switch is truly a one-of-a-kind console due to its hybrid nature. It can become a handheld device when you want to cozy up and game in bed or a fully-fledged home console if you want a traditional experience. No other console has given the users this level of flexibility yet. The console comes equipped with a dock in-box. The transition process from handheld mode to docked mode is ingenious, as it takes barely five seconds to insert the Switch tablet into the dock.

When in docked mode, the Nintendo Switch deserves a good TV to be played on. It must be noted that the Switch only outputs up to 1080P even in docked mode, so if it is your only console and you don’t have plans to get something like the PS5, investing in a more expensive 4K TV would not be of much value. A decent 1080P TV should suffice well for the Switch. This article lists the best TVs that you should buy for your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch appreciation ❤️How do you play, docked or handheld?

Best TVs available for the Nintendo Switch

1) Samsung 43 Inches Wondertainment Series Full HD LED Smart TV

Stunning 1080P visuals (Image via Amazon)
Stunning 1080P visuals (Image via Amazon)

This TV from Samsung is runs on Tizen OS, making it a smart TV. The OS supports apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube natively. The resolution might be only 1080P, but that is the maximum output for Nintendo Switch. Additionally, when it comes to the Switch, the panel quality matters significantly more than the resolution.

A cheap 4K TV for the price of a good 1080P TV can turn out to be a bust. The Samsung Wondertainment series features a dedicated game mode to reduce latency and boost gaming performance. For the Switch, features like these come in handy.

2) LG Nano 90 LED

Do you really need an OLED? (Image via LG)
Do you really need an OLED? (Image via LG)

Reliable LG TVs manage to serve as a great companion for the Nintendo Switch. LG is dominant in the OLED TV market, but its genius expands to other display technologies as well. Nanocell LED screens by LG manage to close the gap between LED and OLED.

It produces sharp visuals and great HDR performance for the overall value. Inclusion of the 120 Hz refresh rate and exceptionally low input lag makes it a really good TV for the Nintendo Switch and future proofs you even on a budget.

3) Sony Bravia KDL-43W6603 Full HD TV

Material art? (Image via Amazon)
Material art? (Image via Amazon)

There is no denying that Sony makes some of the best TV panels in the game. For something like the Switch, the Bravia KDL-43W6603 offers a practical set of features for a reasonable price. The TV features Sony’s X-Reality Pro engine, which is also featured in their flagships. This results in crystal clear 1080P visuals in HDR.

Audio for the TV has received a great deal of attention as well. It comes with a 20 watt sound output with ClearAudio+ technology to make the experience more immersive. However, it is not an Android TV. Instead, it runs on a custom Linux solution. This means that you can’t access the Google Play Store, but considering apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime come built-in, there is not much to complain about. With all its features, this TV is a smart pick for the Nintendo Switch.

4) Samsung Neo QLED QN90B Smart TV


This TV comes with an auto low-latency mode that helps in cutting down on the overall game lag for a smoother gaming experience. The TV also has support for dynamic 3D audio that makes it so that you are always at the center of your game without having to invest in a high-end home theater.

The TV is available in numerous sizes to accommodate all kinds of setups and budgets. However, its 55” variant offers the most practicality and value.



The G2 OLED is the flagship OLED TV by LG. Design wise, it is a spectacle to behold with an almost bezel-less design that seamlessly integrates into all kinds of gaming setups. The G series from LG features the newest ‘Evo’ panel. This panel technology is exclusive to the utmost premium displays from LG's lineup and singlehandedly rationalizes the premium cost associated with the TV.

I wasn’t able to get a switch OLED model, but thankfully I can enjoy Metroid Dread on incredibly beautiful OLED tv. #MetroidDread #NintendoSwitch #LGOLEDTV

The TV also has native support for the Nintendo Switch's docked mode with its stunning screen and FreeSync, making it one of the most immersive and responsive TVs you can purchase at this moment.

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