Black Friday deals: Hyte Y60 ATX case drops to less than $160

The Hyte Y60 PC case (Image via Hyte)
The Hyte Y60 PC case (Image via Hyte)

The Hyte Y60 has been massively discounted ($160) on Newegg for Black Friday. The case was launched last year as a trendy alternative to the Lian Li O11 Dynamic. It has seldom dropped below $200.

Multiple gaming PC cases have been discounted in the ongoing Black Friday sale. However, the Y60 was discounted yesterday, making it one of the hottest deals in this category.

The current price is the lowest the Y60 has ever been sold for. Users eying the case should take advantage of the deal as it is set to expire a week from Thursday.

The Hyte Y60 joins the Black Friday lineup of amazing deals

The HYTE Y60 ATX case (Image via Newegg)
The HYTE Y60 ATX case (Image via Newegg)

The Hyte Y60 is one of the trendiest cases in the market. The design is not entirely original, as it derives massive inspiration from the Lian Li PC - O11 Dynamic and the Antec Performance Series P120 Crystal. However, the case has a few key improvements over those.

The Y60 is the second PC case offering and the first mid-tower from Hyte, a spin-off of the pre-built gaming PC builder iBUYPOWER. The case hit shelves in March 2022 and received positive reviews upon launch.

The case is available in three color schemes โ€” white, black, and red โ€” all of which have been discounted to the Black Friday sale price of $159.99 on Newegg, the leading PC hardware retailer.


The listing has Black Friday Price protection. This means that if users buy the product on Newegg anytime between November 1 - 20, and the price drops to less than what they paid by November 26, the retailer will refund the difference to the original payment method.

Thus, potential buyers don't need to wait for a better deal at a later time. This way, the best pricing is assured to every customer.

Why the Hyte Y60 is worth considering

My new Eevee PC build๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’•Big thank you to @hytebrand for gifting me this case - the Hyte Y60. ๐ŸŒ…

The highlighted feature, in this case, is the lack of a corner pillar. The Y60 has a panoramic tempered glass display design, making it the best showcase PC case on the market.

It has a vertical GPU mount and a PCIe Gen 4.0 Riser cable. This helps in further alleviating the aesthetics. The case packs key features like cold floor cooling and antechamber construction to maximize cooling and cable management.

However, it is worth noting that the Y60 has a few caveats. It supports motherboards as big as ATX. But even standard high-end full-size ATX boards are a tight fit in this case. Moreover, the Hyte Y60 does not deliver a robust airflow design, unlike the PC - O11 Dynamic. Thus, components run hotter than usual.

None of this alters the fact that the Hyte Y60 is one of the best-designed cases ever released. Gamers who want to put together a showcase gaming rig will not be disappointed with the plethora of features the Y60 offers to improve aesthetics.

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