How to get a head start in Walmart Black Friday sale 2022? Walmart+ membership and prices explained

Walmart+ members will get an early grasp at the offers (Image via Walmart)
Walmart+ members will get an early look at the offers (image via Walmart)

The Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022 is about to enter its final stage as the main set of discounts will soon become available to buyers. Plenty of things will be covered under the sales, with electronics and toys being among the focus group of sellers. The demand for goods will be very high during this period as every buyer will be on the lookout to get the most out of the limited stock.

With so much at stake, a chance to get access to a deal earlier than the rest can be a huge advantage. Anyone can have up to seven hours of early access to the deals with a Walmart+ membership. The membership, available at an annual charge, offers plenty of advantages to members.

Let's take a look at the terms and conditions associated with the membership. Additionally, plenty has been speculated about what kind of deals might be available on the online website. Some of them could offer a high chance of potential savings to all buyers at the Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022.

The Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022 will cover plenty of categories of products, and early access can be extremely beneficial

To get a head start at the Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022, members must be a part of the Walmart+ program. Subscribing to the service is easy, and it's available to all American customers of the shopping giant. Those interested can do so from the comfort of their homes via the official website of the commercial giant.


The membership comes with several benefits and is naturally a premium one. An individual will have to shell out $12.95 if they want to subscribe every month. An annual membership, in comparison, is much cheaper and will cost $98. Not only does it cost significantly less, but buyers won't have to worry for an entire year as far as getting an early deal is concerned.

It's not only the early deals at the Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022 that a Walmart+ member will be able to enjoy. There are plenty of benefits that a member can avail of, and some of them include the following:

  • Discounted fuel prices at select petrol stations.
  • An Unlimited number of free deliveries.
  • Self-checkout of products at the offline stores.

All these benefits make the Walmart+ membership incredibly worth it, especially for regular buyers from its offline and online stores.

All Walmart+ members can get access to the early deals starting from 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET. Ordinary members will have to wait seven more hours to participate in the Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022. There will also be offers available in the physical stores, which can be accessed from November 25 and start at 6:00 am according to their regional timings.


There are plenty of great deals Walmart+ members can find at the moment. Several Apple products currently have great discounts on them. The PS5 God of War Ragnarok Bundle can also be availed at a discounted price, and buyers will get what many are touting to be the GOTY winner of 2022.

The Xbox Series S is also available at a $50 discount, and there are offers on games on both consoles. All offers in the Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022 are valid till stocks last, so prospective buyers should avail of them as soon as possible.

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