Meta Quest 3 VR headset announced: Release date, price, specs, and more

Meta Quest 3 VR headset release date, price, specs and more (Image via Sportskeeda)
A look at Meta Quest 3 VR headset's release date, price, and more details (Image via Meta)

Meta has officially announced the launch of the Quest 3 VR headset via Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram post. It boasts revolutionary Meta Reality technology, higher resolution, impeccable performance, and a sleeker, more comfortable design. Every country that currently has access to the Meta Quest will be able to purchase the Quest 3 later this year.

The official announcement has stated that the Meta Quest 3 VR headset will be available this Fall. The tech giant will provide more details regarding the headset at the Meta Connect conference, which is set to take place on September 27, 2023.

When will Meta Quest 3 VR headset release? Date, features, and more details explored

The device will be available with a storage capacity of 128 GB. Moreover, consumers can also purchase an additional storage option. The headset will be compatible with the previous version's (Quest 2) entire library, along with more fresh titles.

Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram post has indicated that the headset with 128 GB of storage will be priced at $499. The additional storage option will cost more, but the price has not been specified yet.

The post also stated that it’ll be the first VR headset with high-resolution color-mixed reality. It is 40% lighter, thinner, and more comfortable than the previous VR headset, the Quest 2.

The Quest 3 headset features a next-generation Snapdragon chipset developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. It's going to offer more than twice the graphics performance of the Snapdragon GPU in Meta Quest 2. So, players will be sure to experience smoother and astronomical performance while playing games.

The Meta Quest 3 VR combines the company's highest-resolution display and pancake lens to make everything in it look exquisite. Their official announcement stated:

"On Quest 3, our best-in-class Meta Reality technology lets you seamlessly blend your physical world with the virtual one. These new experiences go beyond today’s mixed reality by intelligently understanding and responding to objects in your physical space and allowing you to navigate that space in natural, intuitive ways that were nearly impossible before."

The video also revealed the new Touch Plus controllers with TruTouch haptics to thoroughly "feel the experience." This time, the old rings for positional tracking won't be there. Meta also confirmed that the hand-tracking feature will be available, with the controllers working with the depth sensor.

Mark Gurman, a journalist at Bloomberg, had a chance to get his hands on Meta's Quest 3 VR. He said that the headset is going to be the biggest thing in this year's mixed-reality realm. He also added:

"The front of the device is new. Instead of a bland-looking gray face, it has three vertical pill-shaped sensor areas across the front. The left and right pills each include one color video pass-through camera as well as a standard camera."


On the other hand, Apple is waiting to announce its rumored VR headset next week at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It will reportedly cost around $3,000 and will be compatible with numerous iPad apps.

Ahead of more details about the headset, consumers can expect that the Meta Quest 3 VR will surely deliver improved video pass-through capabilities with faster performance and a large library.

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