Drowning AMD's highest-end CPU in liquid nitrogen has broken a world record

The Threadripper Pro processors have the best multi-threaded performance (Image via AMD)
The Threadripper Pro processors have the best multi-threaded performance (Image via AMD)

Taiwanese overclocker TSAIK has used the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX CPU to set a new record in Cinebench R23.

AMD has had some of the hottest-running CPUs on the market. While that is not the case with most of their processors today, the company still has some packed chipsets that require the best cooling in the industry to function properly.

The Threadripper CPUs are components built for professional workloads based on 7nm process technology. The series is the red team's answer to Intel's Xeon processors, which are also meant for heavy tasks, such as top-grade video editing, animation, designing and rendering 3D models. Such processors are not used for gaming and are installed on workstations.


The AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX is the company's latest and strongest desktop chip aimed exclusively for workstations.

The chip is currently only available on prebuilds as it is manufacturer exclusive. It will be available for sale as an individual component later this year.

The Threadripper Pro 5995WX recently took the number one spot on Cinebench R23, with a multi-threaded score of 116,142. It beat user Blueleader (with a score of 113,566), who used two AMD Epyc 7763 server chips to reach their score.

Cinebench is one of the most trustworthy free benchmarks and is used by most enthusiasts to test various components. It is based on Cinema 4D, a 3D digital content creation software that has an in-built render engine to push CPUs to the maximum and determine their top performance.

Specifications of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX and details of the record-setting test run

The specifications of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX are nothing short of being the best, with 64 Zen 3 cores, 128 threads and a base clock of 2.7GHz, which goes up to 4.5GHz at boost. Since this beast is packed with such high-class technology, it runs hot too.

The Threadripper Pro 5995WX has the ability to be overclocked. As it has one of the best multi-threaded performances, overclockers pushed it to its limit by running as many cores as possible to increase its Cinebench score to the highest.

With overclocking comes heat, and to keep the chip stable and at top performance, some unique materials had to be used.

The overclocker responsible for the record-setting run, TSAIK, used liquid nitrogen to run the Threadripper Pro 5995WX at a monstrous 5,150MHz, which is 650MHz higher than its boost clock. This is impressive for a multi-threaded operation.

Other components used on the test bench were Corsair 128GB DDR4-3200 RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 640 1GB GPU and MSI WS WRX80 motherboard while running on Windows 10 21H2.

The Threadripper Pro 5995WX's record may not be broken for a while, at least until the next batch of Intel Xeon processors is released. Currently, the first Intel entry in Cinebench R23 sits at #22 with a Xeon Platinum 8360H and a score of 69,441.

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