OnePlus 10T Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) expected price, discounts, and more

OnePlus' flagship device could get a possible discount in the upcoming sale (Images via Amazon)

OnePlus 10T's demand could increase during the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) if the brand offers fantastic discounts on the flagship model. It hasn't been long since OnePlus launched its highly-coveted model in India.

Since its debut on August 3 this year, the OnePlus 10T has met users' expectations. It was no mean feat as everyone wanted to see what was next from the brand, and they have duly delivered. While the device costs less compared to premium alternatives like the iPhone 13, it's still an expensive product.


Discounts on anything are always welcome, and the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022), which is set to begin on September 23, will supply buyers with plenty of options. Some incredible deals are expected, and mobile phones, in general, get some great offers.

If history repeats itself, fans and potential buyers can expect some discounts on the OnePlus devices. While it's not confirmed, there's ample reason to believe why it might happen.

OnePlus 10T has already been on sale, and history could repeat itself at the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022)

It might seem strange to some that the OnePlus 10T could potentially go on sale during the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022). Ultimately, the expected sale will come less than two months after OnePlus launched its latest flagship model. While there's no correlation, hefty discounts are usually levied on products that have been in circulation for some time.


Interestingly, the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) won't be the first major occasion where the OnePlus 10T would have undergone a discount. After its release, OnePlus slapped a discount on it at the Amazon Freedom Sale. As a result, the device was briefly available for INR 49,999 to all consumers. There was also scope for increasing the value under conditions like using an ICICI credit card, for example.

Hence, something similar can also be seen during the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022). It's the flagship sale of Amazon India, and there's a high probability it will want to include the very best of what OnePlus has got to offer.

When writing, the OnePlus 10T starts at INR 54,999 without including partner offers. Unfortunately, this is also the MRP of the product, and there won't be any discount available at the moment. So buyers have an even stronger incentive to wait for the sale as things stand now.

While a discounted price seems likely, it will be hard to guess the exact numbers accurately. As mentioned earlier, the discounted price of the product during the Freedom Sale was INR 49,999. The Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) could have a similar number, if not greater.


Hence, an INR 50,000 ballpark figure is possible for the OnePlus 10T's discounted price in the near future. As usual, there will be additional offers from partners. Amazon has already roped in the State Bank of India as an additional source of more discounts. There will also be other options, which will make the upcoming week quite interesting for a OnePlus lover.

Along with the flagship device, other models of the OnePlus brand, including the relatively older models, are expected to undergo steep discounts. The 10T will be the cream of the entire batch, however, given how good its specifications are.


It's powered by the latest Snapdragon 8+1 chipset, which is the best that's currently available for Android devices. Additionally, some stunning features like superfast charging and 12 GB RAM make it a power-packed device that can perform any task effortlessly.

With possibilities for discounts, OnePlus 10T certainly becomes more attractive for any buyer who might be looking to upgrade over their existing options.

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