Samsung Galaxy S22 Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) expected price, discounts, and more

The Samsung Galaxy S22 could be on the sale in the upcoming sale (Images via Samsung, Amazon)
The Samsung Galaxy S22 could be on the sale in the upcoming sale (Images via Samsung, Amazon)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 could be a bargain pick during the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) once the sale goes live. Hearing the word 'bargain' beside the flagship device could sound strange. The Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of the finest products made by the company over its multi-decade legacy in mobile phones.

As costly as the mobile is, it could be part of the upcoming Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022). Mobile devices are one area that extensively gets discounts once Amazon's annual sale starts. It is unlikely to be any different this time, and fans can hope to get attractive discounts in the last week of September.


The flagship device in the discussion is a homerun from every angle as it has cutting-edge technology backed up by power and efficiency. However, it's also one of the most premium devices in the mobile phone market, which keeps it out of reach for many.

If any speculation is made, it could get a hefty discount in the coming days. That would increase its value, and more potential buyers could choose to get the device.

The Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) could be an excellent opportunity for anyone willing to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S22

The Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) commences during the last week of September, and there are already specific Kickstarter deals that are going on at the moment.

These are also excellent opportunities for consumers to get some handy discounts. However, the actual period to take advantage of will be when the main sale goes live.


There are no guarantees regarding the Samsung Galaxy S22 and whether it will be present for sale or not. However, some educated guesses can be made based on some of Samsung's other flagship devices that appear to be listed for participation in the sale.

At the time of writing, two prices are available on the Samsung Galaxy S22. Against the MRP of 85,999, they're selling at 72,999 and 65,999. The latter could also be the price of the former once the sale starts. Interestingly, the 256 GB variant sells for less at a 23% discount.

The 256 GB variant is listed for a handy discount and could be an exciting choice for someone to pick it up. However, the 128 GB variant could expect a similar discount instead of the 13% it's enjoying now, which could mean a cost lessening by approximately 7,000.


It should be noted that the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) page doesn't have the device in the discussion listed on it. However, several Samsung mobile models are rumored to be put up for sale. One of them seems to be the Galaxy Note 10, which is in a similar price bracket. The device is listed with a 6000 base discount, and buyers can get more by fulfilling certain additional conditions.

All will be clear once the Amazon Great Indian Festival (2022) goes live on September 23. Some fantastic flagship devices from the houses of Apple and OnePlus are expected to be on discount. Given the larger context, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and its Ultra variant joining the show won't be a surprise.


The S22 Ultra could be an even more attractive proposition and recently enjoyed a 30% discount on the first week of September. Given the historical trend of flagship devices from Samsung, the S22 Ultra could also return with a similar discount in the last week of September. Buyers can also increase the discount by using unique modes of payment from partner banks.

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