What is Malwarebytes antivirus? How to install, alternatives, and more

Malwarebytes installation and alternatives (Image via Malwarebytes)
Malwarebytes installation and alternatives (Image via Malwarebytes)

Malwarebytes is designed to deal with any threats to a computer's operating system. It has many features, such as real-time protection, automatic updates, and detecting and removing malicious files, websites, and applications.

Malwarebytes also comes with several protective features, such as a secure web browser, a safe online shopping experience, and various anti-spam and anti-phishing tools. It is capable of blocking malicious website redirects and downloads.

This article will guide users about the installation process and some alternatives to the popular software.

Malwarebytes is the complete anti-malware package PC users need

The installation process of Malwarebytes requires a little extra time than the usual anti-malware programs. It is due to compatibility checks along with the system and integrating itself with the operating system.


  1. Visit the official Malwarebytes website.
  2. Click on the Free Download option on the top right of the webpage. The setup download will begin.
  3. Open the setup and select the type of computer to install.
  4. Click on Install. Alternatively, click on the advanced options to customize the installation location.
  5. Choose to install or skip the Malwarebytes Browser Guard according to preference.
  6. It will begin to download the requisites and install the application. Depending on the internet speed and system hardware, it may take 5-10 minutes.

Once the process is complete, click Get Started, and the anti-malware will be set up and ready to scan. Users can upgrade to Malwarebytes premium to gain access to additional features. The application also provides the user a 14-day free trial of the premium features to test the software.



Before beginning the scan, the user may go to Settings, click on the Security option, and scroll down to enable the Scan for Anti-rootkit option. This step will allow the anti-malware to hunt for the notoriously hard-to-find dangerous malware.

The steps for scanning using Malwarebytes are as follows:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Click on the scan option under the scanner tab.
  3. The scan will begin and take 5-7 minutes to check for malware. If threats are detected, click on quarantine selected.

After scanning, a threat scan summary will pop up. Users can view the details or click on Done. The quarantined threats can be later removed from the main menu by visiting the detection history tab and deleting the quarantined threats.


Anti-malware alternatives to merciless software can help protect the system in a similar procedure and at an equivalent detection ratio. Here are three more options one can consider:



Bitdefender is an antivirus software that protects users from malware, phishing attacks, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats. Advanced features include firewall protection, parental control, anti-spam, and anti-theft protection.

Bitdefender also provides cloud-based products that use the latest technologies for data privacy, along with real-time threat detection and removal. Users can choose from a range of services to better manage their online security.

Hitman Pro


Hitman Pro is an anti-malware program created to detect, remove, and protect systems from various malware types, such as spyware and rootkits.

This small, lightweight program can quickly scan a system for potential threats and offer additional protection. Additionally, it provides real-time protection against new threats and an integrated backup feature to help restore any files that may be lost or damaged due to an infection.



Kaspersky is a cybersecurity and antivirus software company that offers users a range of protection from known and emerging threats, including viruses, malware, and ransomware.

The security suite also includes protection from phishing, identity theft, and other online threats. Identifying and removing more than 99% of zero-day threats can help users browse the internet stress-free.

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