Alleged GTA 6 leaker might have angered ransomware hackers

This hacker has been involved in several crimes
The hacker has reportedly been involved in several crimes (Image via Rockstar Games)

New information has recently surfaced regarding the infamous GTA 6 leaker, a 17-year-old from the UK responsible for a massive leak of never-before-seen content from the in-development game on September 18, 2022. London Police arrested him on the evening of September 22, 2022, but it has seen come to be known that the individual has reportedly angered some other "ransomware threat actors."

There are four screenshots to cover. Here is a short summary of each one:

  • Top left: References the Lapsus$ hacker group and talks about junk data
  • Top right: Confirmation that they have access to Kone data and Banco de Brasil
  • Bottom left: References the GTA 5 and 6 source code again
  • Bottom right: GTA 6 has cost over $2B to make; DoorDash data is also compromised

The "pot" character here is presumably teapotuberhacker, the person who leaked the GTA 6 content that fans have been talking about for days now.

@vx-underground reports that the GTA 6 leaker has burned access with these "ransomware threat actors." This information also reveals that teapotuberhacker has access to far more information than just the next Grand Theft Auto game.

The "ransomware threat actors" are currently unknown.

More information on GTA 6 hacker responsible for the infamous leaks

This new information also seems to confirm another breach related to Revolut. The data of 32,000 people was exposed in the cyber attack (assuming the estimate involving 0.16% of 20,000,000 from this Tweet is accurate).

The Revolut breach was confirmed on September 20, 2022, whereas teapotuberhacker had access to it around September 15 or 16, 2022.

Supposed hacker arrested

Not much else is known about the hacker at large, past the fact that he's in police custody. Gamers should know that since this is an ongoing story, not all of the details might be available to the general public.

Rockstar's response

Rockstar Games was "extremely disappointed" to see the game leaked this way. This Tweet confirmed that all clips revealed by teapotuberhacker were genuine, much to the surprise of some parts of the fanbase.

A vital part of this announcement is that Rockstar Games doesn't expect any "long-term effect" on this project. As such, gamers shouldn't expect a delay based on the current information available to the public.

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Edited by Alan Sahbegovic
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