Asian Games Hockey Records

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List of Asian Games Hockey Records - Men's Events

Pakistan has won the men's hockey title at the Asian Games a record 8 times in the 15

competitions held thus far.

 Pakistan is also the only team to have won 4 consecutive gold medals (1970, 1974, 1978,


 Pakistan holds the record for the biggest ever victory in the history of the competition

beating Bangladesh 17-0 in 1978.

 Pakistan beat India 7-1 in the 1982 final at Delhi which is the heaviest defeat ever in the

finals of the competition.

 Pakistan's Abdul Waheed Khan scored 25 goals in 2 editions (1962 and 1966) including

a double hat-trick.

 The highest number of goals scored in a tournament is 42 by Pakistan in the 1990 Beijing

Asian Games.

 In 24 years, from 1958 to 1982, Pakistan lost just one match in the Asian Games - that

was the 1966 final to India.

 The record for the maximum number of penalty corner goals in a single game is held by

Muneer Dar of Pakistan, who scored 5 goals against South Korea in the 1958 Tokyo


 Incidentally, Pakistan, the most successful hockey power at the Asian Games has never

played hosted the tournament.

 South Korea was the first country to end the monopoly of India and Pakistan by winning

gold in 1986. No other country apart from India and Pakistan had even entered the final

until 1986. Hosts South Korea beat Pakistan in the 1986 final while the Indians had to be

content with bronze for the first time ever.

 Following South Korea's victory at Seoul, there was a major power shift – Pakistan,

which was hitherto the most successful team in the competition won gold in 1990 but

failed to enter the finals 4 successive times following that (1994, 1998, 2002, and 2006) .

 In 2006, for the first time ever, neither of the subcontinental giants could make it to the

final. South Korea won gold and China won their first and only silver medal.

 The 2014 Asian Games at Incheon witnessed an Indo-Pak final after a gap of 24 years

which the Indians won after a tense shootout.

List of Asian Games Hockey Records - Women's Events

 Women's Hockey was introduced in the 1982 Asian Games in Delhi and hosts India won

the inaugural event.

 South Korea has won the women's hockey title 5 times and China has won the title thrice.

 South Korea also holds the record for winning 4 consecutive gold medals (1986, 1990,

1994, 1998) in the women's event.

 For the total number of gold medals won for men and women combined – South Korea

leads with 9 gold (5 with the women's team and 4 with the men's team)

 In 1986 and 1994, South Korea achieved a grand double, winning gold in the men's and

women's events. No other country has ever achieved a grand double.