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Khel Kabaddi: Where you win prizes simply by watching Star Sports ProKabaddi

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Khel Kabaddi Star Sports ProKabaddi Pro

“Weight - 100 kgs CLASH!” Remind you of anything? Yes, we are talking about playing card games as kids. We all used to play cards, trade them and have loads of fun, be it for wrestling or cricket. With the advent of the internet, all that seems like a distant memory. However, that game we all loved so much, has been brought back to us with the sport of kabaddi, and with a twist. brings to us ‘Khel Kabaddi’, a unique card trading game which you can play on the Pro Kabaddi website. To sweeten things even more, apart from having the time of your lives playing the game, you win prizes daily!

How to Play?

Do you have your own phone number? If so, go to, punch in your phone number, create a username and you are ready to go.
To help you get started, the gamemakers give you 2 players the first time you register on every match cycle (a 24-hour period which starts at 7 pm and ends the next day at the same time).

What makes the game unique is the amalgamation of TV and internet. Khel Kabaddi codes are flashed on TV/live streams during the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi matches and once you enter that, you are rewarded for watching kabaddi with 4 player cards!


The coolest part about the game, however, is the trading option. You can put players up for trade and request for other players that you want. With its unique feature, the game’s engine will search for a match for you, and once it finds the right fit, the trade becomes successful, irrespective of where you or the other person are located.

Khel Kabaddi Trade Star Sports ProKabaddi Pro

Achievements & Badges

“What’s the objective of the game,” you ask? Collecting all the 20 Badges, which are awarded upon completion of an achievement. For eg. you get ‘The General’ badge if you collect the captains from all the 8 ProKabaddi teams while if you want the ‘Pirate Crew’ badge, you need to have all the Pirates in your collection, and so on.

Once you manage to get your hands on all the 20 badges, you are eligible for… *drum roll*... the MEGA PRIZE! The top 5 winners are all awarded prizes as they seek to become a ‘Khel Kabaddi Legend’.


The main attraction of playing Khel Kabaddi is that you are being rewarded to sit on your couch and just watch kabaddi! Here’s what all you can win:

1. Daily winners: Rs. 1,000 gift vouchers for the first 5 users, who unlock the players using the daily code.

2. Weekly winners: A smart watch awaits the person who unlocks the most badges in a week (5 game weeks, 5 smart watches up for grabs)

3. Badge winners: Get gift vouchers worth Rs. 2,000 if you are the first player to unlock a particular badge.

4. Grand Prize winners: Gift vouchers worth Rs. 50,000 for the first 5 players to unlock all badges.

What a brilliant incentive to watch one of the fastest growing leagues in the world, are we right!?

So, what are you waiting for? Get rewarded to watch kabaddi by revisiting your childhood and playing this riveting game. Collect your favourite stars and win prizes by registering here.

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