What is BLACKPINK star Jennie's 5 best hairstyles?

Top Hairstyles of BLACKPINK Jennie
Top Hairstyles of BLACKPINK Jennie (Image via Sportskeeda)

BLACKPINK members have sported some really experimental hairstyles since their debut. As the Face of the Group, Jennie loves to experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors. The Solo singer also loves to play around with hair accessories to add intrigue to her looks.

Jennie has dabbled in hair colors before, but her most iconic looks include experimental hairstyles that made a statement. The K-pop idol always ensures her hairdos tie in with her outfits, proving her to be a true fashion icon.

Jennie's hairstyles are a mix of edgy and cute

1) Pigtails

Pigtails are a go-to for the BLACKPINK member. Jennie has often opted for pigtails for both her stage performances and being out and about.

The singer prefers a sleek look for her on-stage hairstyles. For stage performances, she often tucks her fringes into the pigtails and keeps all her hair off her face.

For her off-day looks, she usually goes for low pigtails, as they put less pressure on the hair strands and scalp. This hairstyle is overall better for hair health, so one can understand why the singer would go for it when she doesn't have anything scheduled.

2) Experimental plaits

Jennie has tried out many different hairstyles that use plaits and braids in innovative ways. She has tried out the 90s hairstyle, where one braids the front fringes into micro braids.

One of her more artistic uses of braids was when the Pink Venom singer created a bow out of braided hair and plaited it to her crown. The hairstyle was edgy and creative, creating a gorgeous texture on the crown of her head.

She has also sported a twin plait look on some of her off-days. This look is perfect for keeping the hair in check and has the right touch of casual to be worn on an everyday basis.

3) Ponytail

BLACKPINK members have often been seen rocking a ponytail. Jennie brings variety to the ponytail look by styling her front fringes differently. She frequently opts for an offbeat, sleek hairstyle in which the front of her hair is parted and all hair strands are neatly tucked into a ponytail.

She has also tried out a retro version of the same by incorporating a bouffant into the middle of her crown. Leaving some of her front fringes loose adds a softness to the look. The beehive ponytail is chic and goes perfectly with her sweetheart neckline dress.

For the cuter versions of her ponytail look, the Shut Down singer incorporated some bangs into her hairstyle. The feathery bangs framed her face while keeping her facial features the center focus of the look.

4) Blonde fringes and bangs

BLACKPINK's How You Like That MV had the singer sporting one of her most iconic hairstyles. Jennie bleached the front and created some fabulous hairstyles during the promotional tour.

She created a 90s inspired straight bob using a hairband to highlight the bleached fronts. It created a stark contrast between the blonde and the black. Slight curls ensured the overall look stayed soft and also added some texture to the blunt hairstyle.

For a funky hairstyle, the singer pulled the bleached fringes back, creating a nice contrast. She left some of her bleached bangs loose to delicately frame her face. The back of the hairstyle featured an updo with her hair tips sticking out to create a fanned-out effect.

She has also experimented with half-up half-down hairdos with this hair color, which is equal parts edgy and feminine. The blonde fronts serve as highlights in her otherwise black hair, creating a gorgeous hairstyle perfect to be paired with her Chanel dress.

5) Soft waves

The Born Pink promotional tour saw Jennie playing around with soft waves, which is quite different compared to her usual trendy and edgier looks. The singer incorporated curtain bangs to beautifully frame her face, creating a soft effect.

The K-pop idol has previously tried out soft waves with shorter hair lengths as well. The shoulder-length wavy hair looked casual and went well with her off-day outfits. She also likes using soft waves to soften the look for her half-up half-down hairdos, giving the BLACKPINK member a polished look.

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