160/2 (20)
116/8 (20)
AUS-W won by 44 runs.
That will be all from this clash but don't forget that the big one's coming up later tonight. It's a straight shootout between Barbados and India for the last semifinal spot - do join us for our coverage of the same at 10 PM IST here on Sportskeeda. In the meantime of course, you can keep track of the rest of the Indian contingent at the Commonwealth Games 2022 and follow our live blog for the same. Thank you so much for tuning into our coverage of this contest - this is the duo of Pratyush Rohra and Sooryanarayanan Sesha taking your leave. Do join us later tonight for the final Group A clash; until then, it's goodbye for the moment!
Australia 160/2 (20) beat Pakistan 116/8 (20) by 44 runs.
Tahlia McGrath 78* (51) & 3/13 (3) | Beth Mooney 70* (49)
Fatima Sana 35* (26) | Sadia Iqbal 1/28 (4)

A breeze in the park for Australia. 160 was always going to be a daunting total for Pakistan given the lack of firepower at their disposal. They had the Aussies on the mat with the new ball but their failure to pounce on the opportunity in front of them came back to bite them later on.

Muneeba Ali had a new opening partner in skipper Bismah Maroof but the former could last all of three deliveries, handing Megan Schutt a wicket upfront. Iram Javed and Omaima Sohail both came out firing with intent but neither could convert it into something substantial. Some of Sohail's strokeplay breathed control and authority all the way and it seemed as though Pakistan were on for something today.

Her wicket was if anything, the final straw though as Alana King prized her out the moment she entered the attack. Wickets kept tumbling at regular intervals thereafter, even as Maroof crawled along at snail's pace at one end. Fatima Sana did entertain towards the end and gave the Pakistani faithful something to cheer about but the equation was way beyond her reach at that point.

In the end, it's a result that conjecture foresaw as Australia have managed to coast to the top of Group A. A clinical display by their bowlers augurs brilliantly ahead of the semifinals, with Darcie Brown and Megan Schutt doing their bit to great effect while Tahlia McGrath, after a masterclass with the bat, returned as the standout bowler with three wickets. Meg Lanning and Co. now await the loser of tomorrow''s England-New Zealand clash in the semifinals.

For Pakistan, it was a harsh learning curve yet again. They had their moments today as well as in the clash against Barbados but the lack of incision in their batting unit has come back to haunt them yet again. Loads of work to do as a T20 unit but this is an experience that ought to hold them in good stead going forward.
As comprehensive a victory as it can get for the Australians. Just another day in the office and they finish at the top of Group A as they saunter into the semifinals. Australia beat Pakistan by 44 runs!
115 /8 score
cricket bat icon Sana Fatima
35 (26)
cricket bat icon Aiman Anwer *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Megan Schutt
1 /28
19.6 Megan Schutt to Aiman Anwer, Australia complete a comprehensive victory! Full and outside the leg-stump line, Anwer looked for the fancy reverse paddle but it bounced off her pads and rolled to short third man. Australia win by 44 runs to confirm their top spot in this group! 
19.6 Megan Schutt to Aiman Anwer, wide. Another one down the leg side. Another ball to go.
19.5 Megan Schutt to Fatima Sana, nails the yorker as a reply, shoveled out into the off-side for a quick single
That's the shot of the day! Tahlia McGrath has competition alright!
19.4 Megan Schutt to Fatima Sana, SIX! GET HER UP THE ORDER! Back of a length outside the off-stump, plenty of width on offer there. Sana backs away and pastes a flat-batted thump to clear the cover boundary 
19.3 Megan Schutt to Fatima Sana, into the block hole on this occasion, jammed out back to the bowler, no run
Around the wicket comes Schutt, by the way.
19.3 Megan Schutt to Fatima Sana, wide. Sprayed this one down the leg side. Australia conceding quite a few extras
19.2 Megan Schutt to Aiman Anwer, fullish delivery on the pads, Anwer clips it through square leg to get herself off the mark
19.1 Megan Schutt to Fatima Sana, back of a length outside the off-stump, Sana scythes it towards deep point for a single
Aiman Anwer, RHB, comes to the crease. She will be at the non-striker's end.

The switch to over the wicket works to great effect for Jonassen as she rounds off a difficult over with a wicket. That seemed to pitch outside leg stump though so it's quite a surprise that Diana didn't refer it upstairs. Not that it would have made a difference to the end result, given that the final rites remain now at Edgbaston as Australia have the top spot in sight.
103 /8 score
cricket bat icon Sana Fatima
27 (22)
cricket bat icon Diana Baig *
2 (7)
cricket ball icon Jess Jonassen
1 /25
18.6 Jess Jonassen to Diana Baig, LBW! GIVEN! And Diana doesn't think it's worth the review. Good length on the leg-stump line, crashing into the pads as she missed her sweep. It would have crashed into the stumps but did it pitch in line? Not sure. Doesn't matter though! Pakistan are eight down.
Diana Baig lbw b Jess Jonassen 2 (7b 0x4 0x6)
18.6 Jess Jonassen to Diana Baig, wide. Another one darted down the leg side this time. Healy can't collect that one either, meaning the batters have enough time for a tap and return 
18.6 Jess Jonassen to Diana Baig, wide. Sliding down the leg-side as Diana missed her glance. 
Around the wicket now to Diana.