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189/2 (20)
144/5 (20)
Pakistan won by 45 runs.
Player of the match: Mohammad Rizwan
We will have more action coming from this group coming your way tomorrow. Scotland will go up against New Zealand in the first match, followed by the encounter between India and Afghanistan in the evening. Don't forget to tune in right here to catch all the action. Until then, this is Sooryanarayan Sesha and Bala signing off. Good night and stay safe!
It was a tough outing for Namibia, but they would have learnt a lot from this tournament. The result won't do a lot to the chances of the other teams in the group. New Zealand and Afghanistan still have a realistic chance to compete for the second position in the table, with India having an outside chance. 
With the victory, Pakistan becomes the first side to qualify for the semifinals of T20 World Cup 2021. They have also become the first side to qualify for the semifinals of a T20 World Cup five times.
Gerhard Erasmus (losing captain): Pakistan are a high-quality side, serious title contenders. We wanted to compete hard. We spoke about competing and being better for longer periods. We were looking at 4-5 overs and resetting and going for next period. After 11 overs, Pakistan were outstanding, showed quality. It doens't get any easier. New Zealand are a quality side. We are facing them at Sharjah. We will try to compete and take the games deep. Great exposure for all our players. We have seen that more exposure makes us more confident. Haven't played too many games at this level. More exposure and we can operate at this level. Used to it (the pain in the hand). It's important for Namibia. Don't want to miss.

Babar Azam (winning captain): We had a different plan about batting. Wanted to give the extra batsmen a touch. Wicket was helping the bowlers. We tried to build a partnership and continue from there. The form Hafeez is crucial for us, he is an experienced player. Hasan Ali. was given the new ball looking at the conditions. Fast bowlers were getting some help. Dew was a factor in the second half. It was slightly difficult for the fielders. But it is no reason (for the misfields). You need to get better if you need to win matches continuously and win the tournament. As a team, as a captain, we have full confidence. We will continue this and will go in well planned into the semifinal.
Mohammad Rizwan (Player of the Match): It was tough in the beginning. I was not able to come to terms with the nature of the surface. So Babar and I wanted to take our time initially. Their bowlers hit a consistent radar and bowled really well. I just wanted to take my time and Babar also told me to give myself some time when I wasn't able to middle it. The team has gelled really well and we have a lot of variety in our bowling attack. We have a lot of depth in batting as well. We've ticked off all the boxes and are in with a fighting chance. We just need to keep working hard.
Pakistan won by 45 runs!

Well, then! The target of 189 runs was always too tall a mountain for Namibia to climb. But they certainly made the best of what they had and stayed on with the fight. They were never truly in the chase, but had a good outing with the bat against a strong Pakistan bowling line-up.

After losing van Lingen early, Stephan Baard and Craig Williams put on a solid partnership to give the foundation for the side. After Baard fell to a run out, skipper Erasmus came out and went for it right from the word go. That was the time where the scores of Pakistan and Namibia were neck to neck. However, they could not really kick on from that point.

David Wiese was once again the pick of the batters, scoring 43 from just 31 deliveries and staying not out at the end. Craig Williams played a useful knock of 40 from 37 deliveries.

Haris Rauf was the pick of the bowlers for Pakistan. He bowled with pace and venom, also changed up the pace in between to keep the batters guessing. He conceded 25 runs in his spell and took a wicket. Hasan Ali, Imad Wasim and Shadab Khan picked up a wicket each.

Shaheen Shah Afridi had a tough outing today. He conceded 36 runs in his spell including 16 runs off the final over when David Wiese went after him. Afridi would hope to go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong for him today.
144 /5 score
cricket bat icon David Wiese *
43 (31)
cricket bat icon Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton
7 (7)
cricket ball icon Shaheen Afridi
0 /36
19.6 Shaheen Shah Afridi to David Wiese, THAT WILL BE ALL! Slower short delivery outside off and Wiese hops in his crease shaping for a pull. He misses out as the ball lobs towards the keeper and Pakistan have secured their semifinal berth! They beat Namibia by 55 runs to make it four out of four!
19.5 Shaheen Shah Afridi to David Wiese, gets away with a full toss on middle and off as Wiese mistimes his swing over mid-wicket and into the deep for a brace.
19.4 Shaheen Shah Afridi to David Wiese, slower bouncer that is angled across the batter outside off, Wiese stands tall and slaps it off the edge into the keeper's gloves as Rizwan leaps to his left to collect it. It was a free hit of course so it won't count.
19.4 Shaheen Shah Afridi to David Wiese, FOUR! PULLED AWAY! Too short on the leg-stump and Wiese swivels in his crease and controls his pull over the long leg region to pick out the ropes. Shaheen oversteps as well and by a big margin!
19.3 Shaheen Shah Afridi to David Wiese, SIX! THIS HAS GONE A MILE! In the slot at the stumps and Wiese stands tall for an expansive swing over mid-wicket as the ball goes towering into the grass banks! Somebody tries to pocket the ball but it goes in vain!
19.2 Shaheen Shah Afridi to David Wiese, the yorker goes wrong and ends up as a full toss at the stumps which is shanked high into the sky by Wiese. The ball drops well short of long on running towards it though as the batters run back for the second.
19.1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton, full and wide outside off, Loftie-Eaton makes room before throwing his bat at it and skewing it over third man for a single into the deep.
Last over of the match coming up. Shaheen Afridi will do the honors.
Missed his length off the first delivery and travelled, but Haris Rauf pulled it back well in that over. 12 runs came off that over in the end.
128 /5 score
cricket bat icon David Wiese
29 (25)
cricket bat icon Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton *
6 (6)
cricket ball icon Haris Rauf
1 /25
18.6 Haris Rauf to Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton, follows the batter backing away to the leg-side with a full one as Loftie-Eaton drills it on the up towards mid-off and scampers across to the other end of the pitch. Final over coming up!
18.5 Haris Rauf to Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton, goes very full on middle and off as he comes around the wicket, Loftie-Eaton makes room and smears it with an open face towards deep backward point before tearing back to his end to complete the second.
18.4 Haris Rauf to David Wiese, goes full and slants it into the leg-stump, Wiese steps down the track and has an almighty swing across the line as the ball pins him on the front pad and rolls behind square on the off-side for a leg bye.
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