181/4 (20)
187/5 (19.3)
TN won by 5 wickets
Tamil Nadu are making their way to the semi finals here and it is the defending champions who will face the winners of the Quarter Final 4 on the 20th of November. What an amazing effort by the team here and the Tamil Nadu players are stepping onto the field to celebrate this one. The openers did not give a dream start to the team and Kerala, getting just 2 wickets in the half way stage of the innings. The scoring comparisons were really good as Tamil Nadu have really batted well here. After the 10th over mark the Kerala bowlers did manage to cause some havoc in the middle and at one point it did seem like they could have a chance to win this one but in comes Shahrukh Khan and turns around the entire game in just one over! What a batter he is and he stepped in like a superhero to make the team win. Sai Sudharsan and the skipper's partnership after the fall of two wickets was probably one of the most crucial one as well before Shahrukh Khan went on beast mode as that is what got Tamil Nadu out of some serious pressure and eventually win this one. Tamil Nadu will look to celebrate and train for a very important game as the defending champions and Kerala will look to come back strong in the next tournament here for sure.

Thank you so much for joining us for yet another exciting T20 match. This is Soorya and Pranav signing off. Until next time.

Tamil Nadu won by 5 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
19.3 KM Asif to M Mohammed, SIX! MOHAMMED SEALS IT WITH A MAXIMUM! Right in the slot at the stumps and he clears his front leg for a muscular swing over square leg. The ball travels rather high without the best of timing but it has just enough to go the distance and draw the curtains on this highly competitive contest. Tamil Nadu beat Kerala by 5 wickets to qualify for the semifinals!
19.2 KM Asif to Shahrukh Khan, short of a good length just outside off, SRK stands tall to pummel it flat towards deep mid-wicket to level the scores with a single. Just one run away now!
19.1 KM Asif to Shahrukh Khan, full length delivery outside off, SRK throws the kitchen sink at it with a thump over extra cover before the sweeper cuts across to his right. The batters scamper back for the second run.
A wicket coming up but it will not do any damage to the batters here as they need just 4 runs off the last over and Shahrukh Khan is on strike here. KM Asif, is the new bowler in.
178 /5 score
cricket bat icon Sanjay Yadav *
32 (22)
cricket bat icon Shahrukh Khan
16 (7)
cricket ball icon Unnikrishnan Manukrishnan
3 /26
18.6 U Manukrishnan to Sanjay Yadav, OUT! SANJAY HOLES OUT! Slower back of a length delivery on off, Sanjay hangs back and mistimes his heave over mid-on as he spoons the simplest of catches into the hands of the man in the deep. Is it a tad too late for Kerala though?

Sanjay Yadav c Sachin Baby b Manukrishnan 32 (22b 1x4 2x6)
18.5 U Manukrishnan to Sanjay Yadav, SIX! IS THIS THE GAME? The attempted yorker goes awry for Manukrishnan as it ends up as a juicy full toss on the leg-stump and all Sanjay has to do is go through with a clean swing over square leg to send the ball traveling ten rows back!
18.4 U Manukrishnan to Shahrukh Khan, very full outside off, SRK bludgeons it powerfully down the ground past the bowler but an excellent pick up and throw from long on to his left limits it to a solitary run.
18.3 U Manukrishnan to Sanjay Yadav, EXCELLENT DELIVERY! Nails the yorker that tails into the stumps and Sanjay heaves this low full toss onto his boots before the ball dribbles into the leg-side for a quick single.
18.2 U Manukrishnan to Shahrukh Khan, AHH! Slower back of a length delivery outside off, SRK heaves with a gay abandon but he fails to get bat on ball. He does pinch a bye with the keeper failing to gather the ball that keeps low.
The fielder looks injured here and the fielder must have twisted his ankle while running here and the physio coming to check what has happened. This is a very unusual injury here as the fielder was simply running to his fielding position. 
18.1 U Manukrishnan to Sanjay Yadav, goes very full and slants it into the stumps, Sanjay hangs back and whips it out off his wrists over mid-wicket for a single into the deep.
The new bowler in is U Manukrishnan and Tamil Nadu are very close to winning this one all thanks to Shahrukh here.
168 /4 score
cricket bat icon Sanjay Yadav *
24 (18)
cricket bat icon Shahrukh Khan
15 (5)
cricket ball icon Suresh Vishweshwar
0 /39
17.6 Suresh Vishweshwar to Sanjay Yadav, squared up as this back of a length delivery slants across the corridor, Sanjay closes the face of his bat too early and squirts it off the edge towards short third man for a single.
17.5 Suresh Vishweshwar to Shahrukh Khan, short of a length delivery outside off, SRK miscues his pull over mid-on as the ball falls safe and makes its way to the outfielder for one.
17.4 Suresh Vishweshwar to Shahrukh Khan, SIX MORE! WHAT POWER IS THIS? Takes pace off and slants it into the stumps, back of a length and he barely helps it with a paddle around the corner as he crouches low to send it over the vacant fine leg region for a maximum! WOW!
17.3 Suresh Vishweshwar to Shahrukh Khan, SIX! INTO THE SECOND TIER! THIS IS SRK FOR YOU! If you miss your length, he will make you pay. In the slot well outside off and he wields his willow wild to crunch it with a disdainful swing down the ground for a meaty blow over long off!