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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (11th November 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 12, 2019 04:54 GMT

Who will join Team RAW?


04:20 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

What did you think about tonight's show and the matches? Let us know here!

04:19 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Good night, everybody!

04:16 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

I will, personally, be back for Wednesday's NXT. We'll also be covering AEW Dynamite, which I will NOT be covering personally, as I can barely tie my own shoes much less do coverage for two shows at the same time.

04:15 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

I hope you guys enjoyed tonight's Raw. I hope you enjoyed our coverage of tonight's Raw. I hope you're not enjoying Temptation Island but instead watching something with some actual artistic value. Like Barney the Dinosaur or a snuff film.

04:10 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

04:09 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Now.... we want to know what you thought of these matches and we want you to express that via star rankings! So, head on over to the following page and do just that.

04:08 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Orton, Ricochet and Carrillo defeat the O.C.
Viking Raiders defeat Andrews & Webster
Erick Rowan defeats.... some guy
Andrade defeats Cedric Alexander
Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Street Profits defeat Imperium
Seth Rollins defeats WALTER (by DQ)
R-Truth vs The Singh Brothers ends in a double countout
Drew McIntyre defeats Sin Cara
The Kabuki Warriors defeat Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

04:02 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

So, gimmie a second and I'll give you fine folks the match result rundown...

04:02 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

04:01 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

RESULT: Orton, Ricochet and Carrillo defeat the O.C.

04:00 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Orton dashes in as if he's going to RKO Ricochet, but stops.

Orton tells Richard O'Shea that he does "What he wants, when he wants" and to remember that.

03:59 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Orton with the RKO on AJ, then tags in Carrillo who hits a moonsault for the pin.

03:58 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

AJ and Ricochet are both on the mat and Randy is trying to decide who to RKO.

03:58 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Carrillo tags in Orton and now Orton is doing Randy Orton stuff to AJ Styles.

Anderson hits Orton. That won't sit well.

03:57 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

AJ grabs Ricochet's leg. Ricochet goes for the enzuguiri, but AJ ducks it. Ricochet spins back and hits him with a reverse one.

03:54 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:54 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:53 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Ricochet looks like he's about to tag in Orton, but decides against it and gets hit with one of Karl Anderson's Arn Anderson-level spinebusters.

03:52 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:51 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

We're back from break and I'm back from ranting and raving to my wife about how much I hate Temptation Island. And The O.C. are beating the Temptation Island out of Humberto Carrillo.

03:46 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:46 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Orton gets knocked off the apron by AJ, but Orton's getting into Ricochet's face about it because wrestling.

03:45 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Ricochet, Randy Orton, and Carrillo make some quick tags.

After fighting his way out of a corner beatdown, Carrillo with some high flying wizardry.

03:43 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Anderson and Ricochet start this match off and, jokes aside, this should be a fun match.

03:43 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

And we get a look at the beginning of NXT this past Wednesday when The O.C. attacked my close, personal friend Adam Cole and his Undisputed Era buddies.

03:42 (GMT)12 NOV 2019


OK, it's The O.C.

03:41 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Richard O'Shea is introduced next after the break and he's wearing that cool vest of his.

And Humberto Carrillo and his White Ranger outfit is next.

03:35 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:34 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Team Raw at Survivor Series will be Ricochet, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Drew McIntyre.

Weren't they supposed to make a big deal about this?

03:33 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

As we're getting ready for tonight's Main Event, we get a look at some of the matches for the 2019 Survivor Series.

03:31 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Richard O'Shea asks Randall Kenneth Orton if Randall Kenneth Orton thinks Richard O'Shea is stupid.

Randall Kenneth Orton tells Richard O'Shea that he doesn't want to let him get into his head.

03:29 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:27 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:25 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:25 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Andrews hit with a Viking Experience and gets pinned....

RESULT: Viking Raiders defeat Andrews & Webster

03:24 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

"Ivar is in and he's NOT going to be in a good mood..."

Yeah, because he just found out their opponents have a move called STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE! 

03:23 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:23 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Andrews and Webster are doing some pretty impressive flippy stuff and ...


I'm getting a drink. I... I just can't.

03:21 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Wait... who are the current NXT UK tag champs, then?

03:21 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:20 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Is Flash Morgan Webster a race car driver or Austin Powers?

Also, Jerry Lawler just made a Flash Gordon joke.

Never change, Jerry. Never change.

03:15 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:15 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster are taking on The Viking Raiders next.

03:14 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:13 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

03:13 (GMT)12 NOV 2019

Maybe it's Bad News Brown's rat? I dunno.
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