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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (6th January 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 07, 2020 04:20 GMT

Will we have new RAW Tag Team Champions crowned tonight or will the raid continue?


04:20 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

I'm Kevin C. Sullivan and I'm out of here. *presses button on dashboard, nothing happens*

Stupid.... grrrrrr.... stupid teleporter.... they said they fixed this thi.... *hits button again, things start happening*

Good night, everyone! *disappears into the void*

04:18 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

As always, thank you all again for joining me on this ride through tonight's WWE Raw and, as always, I enjoyed it so very much. Thanks to everyone who interacted with me on Twitter.

As far as TV coverage goes, I'll be back amongst you for Wednesday night's NXT. 

Everybody have a wonderful night/afternoon/morning and I'll talk to you all soon!

04:11 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Big Show, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens defeat AOP and Seth Rollins
Aleister Black defeats Shelton Benjamin
Drew McIntyre defeats No Way Jose
AJ Styles defeats Akira Tozawa
Viking Raiders defeat Street Profits and The O.C (Raw Tag Team Championship match)
Andrade defeats Rey Mysterio (US Championship match)

04:07 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Let's do a quick glance at the match results...

04:07 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Overall, that was a pretty dang entertaining episode of Raw. I'm really enjoying the build towards the Rumble... especially because they're actually, you know, building towards the Rumble.

04:02 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Is it just me, or does it feel like they felt like they needed to hurry up that ending? Maybe I'm just weird.

03:59 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Rollins decides it's getting late and hits Show with a chair.

RESULT: Big Show, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens defeat AOP and Seth Rollins

03:59 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Meanwhile, AOP grab Joe and toss him into the steel steps.

03:58 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Owens makes the hot tag and now it's Rollins and Show in the ring.

03:57 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Rollins hits a jumping knee of Owens and goes for the pin - and stares down (er, up?) Big Show as he does.


03:56 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

03:55 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

03:53 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Back from break and we've got Joe chopping the bejesus out of the chest of Rollins. 

03:53 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

This may be the first time in.... no joke... a decade... that Big Show was the mystery partner and I totally didn't see it coming.

03:50 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

03:50 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

For the record, jokes aside, it's SO cool to see Big Show back again. He looks like he's in great shape.

03:49 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

03:48 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

He'll probably turn on them halfway through the match, though.

03:48 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

The perennial go-to mystery partner, The Big Show, is Owens and Joe's partner.

And I'm OK with that.

03:47 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

It's the Big Show.

03:47 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Rollins and AOP are in the ring, Kevin Owens is out, Samoa Joe is on his way, and we're just waiting on THE THIRD MAN

03:46 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

RESULT: Aleister Black defeats Shelton Benjamin

Following the match, Buddy Murphy attacks Black... which probably sets up another match at the Rumble.

03:39 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Crud... my feed went out for just a bit and I missed the Black/Benjamin match. Give me a moment to catch up.

03:34 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Black is taking on Shelton Benjamin

03:32 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Al Black is next, so let's all make up words to his theme song.


03:29 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

03:28 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Drew McIntrye, after hitting Jose with another Claymore Kick, announces his entry into the Royal Rumble.

And, I SWEAR he's working towards a face turn. He's playing to the crowd, he's got them counting down before he hits his finisher.

I predict Drew wins the Rumble this year.

03:24 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

In total WWE 2K video game fashion, Drew hits his signature move (Future Shock DDT), then hits the Claymore Kick to get the win.

RESULT: Drew McIntyre defeats No Way Jose

03:23 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Drew attacks Jose's Rosebuds.... er.... whatever he calls them, I dunno.

03:21 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Well, No Way Jose is in the ring, so he's not Joe and Kevin's partner. 

Sorry, @Austinsnake25.

03:18 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

03:18 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

03:17 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Flair eventually lays Logan out on the arena floor and has the ref bring her the robe.

Drew McIntyre, on the other hand, is on his way to the ring for a match of his own, as we go to another commercial.

03:15 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Logan is in the ring and decides to... beat up Charlotte's robe.

Yeahhhhh... you don't do that.

03:13 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Logan decides to attack Charlotte before the bell rings and just goes ape on her.

Are we going to get an actual match here?

03:12 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Morgan tells Charley - and Truth, I guess - that, essentially, she'll be at the Rusev/Lashley match - presumably to be in Rusev's corner. 

Anyway, here comes Charlotte to take on Sarah Logan.

03:10 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

R-Truth is being interviewed backstage, and he's interrupted by... Liv Morgan.

03:10 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Rusev and Lashley official for next week.

03:06 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Lashley challenges Rusev.... after telling a screaming Lana to "shut up".... to a match next week.

Rusev claims that the Bulgarian Brute is coming back and he's going to destroy Lashley and only leave a little bit for Lana.

03:03 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Rusev pops up on the TItantron, and he's at the "beach"

03:00 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

02:59 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

OK, so they're married now.

But, Lana isn't happy. In fact, she's very sad. And it's everybody's fault but her's and Bobby's.

02:57 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

Looks like the wedding officiant from last week is here. I guess they're finally finishing the actual wedding thing, officially.

02:56 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

After getting yet another reminder of what happened during the wedding segment of last week's Raw, Bobby Lashley and Lana make their way to the ring.

02:53 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

02:51 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

OK, so he's not very good at doing Randy Orton's pose thing. He just looks silly.

But, he's taking on Orton on Raw next week, so maybe Randy can show him how to do it properly.

02:50 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

02:49 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

AJ wins the match following an RKO.

That was a really good looking RKO, too.

Man, AJ is the best.

RESULT: AJ Styles defeats Akira Tozawa

02:48 (GMT)7 JAN 2020

AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm, but after going for the pin, pulls Tozawa up. He then hits Tozawa with Orton's middle-rope draped DDT. 
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