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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW after Hell In A Cell (26th October 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 27, 2020 03:27 GMT

What will be the fallout from Hell In A Cell?


03:02 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

03:02 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

03:02 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

03:00 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Orton and McIntyre brawl to the end of the show, with The Fiend staring on ominously. 

03:00 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

03:00 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:59 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:59 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:59 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Bliss introduces Orton, but the 14-time WWE Champion is wary about the pretty obvious trap. When asked about his "super-duper performance" Orton says he isn't surprised about his win at HIAC. He's sure there's a surprise here, though. 

Bliss says that Orton and Drew burned the house down at HIAC, which tipped Orton off to the game. Orton demands to know where The Fiend is, but before they can get to that, McIntyre's music hits. The former WWE Champion batters Orton, destroys the Moment of Bliss set, and sets up for a Claymore. 

Before he could hit the final blow, the lights go out. Orton bails to the ramp, but The Fiend isn't in the ring. He's on the stage, waiting for the Viper. Orton, stuck between a rock and hard place, heads toward McIntyre. 

02:54 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:54 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:52 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:52 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:50 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

The final segment of the night, A Moment of Bliss with special guest Randy Orton, is up next. 

02:49 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:47 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:47 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

As Riddle goes for the Floating Bro, Sheamus puts his knees up. Riddle jumps back in the fight, though, with a sleeper. Sheamus shakes him off, but Riddle avoids a Brogue Kick and plants him with a German suplex. Sheamus kicks out. 

Sheamus has thrown heavier hands throughout the match, but he's unable to take the fight out of the Original Bro. That is, until the Brogue Kick, which lays out Riddle for the three. 

Sheamus defeats Matt Riddle via pinfall. 

Sheamus, Keith Lee, and AJ Styles have joined Team RAW. 

02:45 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:44 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

A knee to Riddle's jaw nearly knocks him out, but he's just able to kick out. Sheamus goes up only to be caught by Riddle for a massive avalanche exploder. 

02:43 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Sheamus takes over during the break, as a nasty Irish Curse Backbreaker leaves Riddle in a heap. Sheamus slows things down for a bit, but Riddle escapes a submission, kicking Sheamus in the jaw and landing the Broton. 

02:41 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:38 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Matt Riddle goes for an armbar several times throughout the match. Though Sheamus breaks it, he takes some serious damage after an apron kick and a floating bro off the ropes. 

02:35 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Sheamus, after struggling in the opening moments of the match, brings Riddle down to the mat for a side headlock. 

02:34 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:34 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

It's time for the final qualifier of the night. Matt Riddle vs Sheamus. Who will join Keith Lee and AJ Styles? 

02:33 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

RETRIBUTION are backstage while Mustafa Ali says they aren't losers. They'll win when "you" suffer. So uh...guess it's good that losses don't matter to RETRIBUTION, because they have a lot. 

02:29 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:29 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:29 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:27 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:25 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Nikki Cross fights off a superplex, sending Lacey Evans to the mat. A roundhouse rocks Nikki, but she again fends off her opponent. Lacey goes up again for a superplex, and Royce runs in for a German to Lacey. 

Lana drags Peyton Royce out of the ring, stealing the pin on Nikki Cross and getting added to Team RAW. 

Lana defeats Nikki Cross via pinfall. 

Of course, because it's a Monday, Nia Jax drives Lana through the announce desk with a Samoan Drop. 

02:23 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:21 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Back from the break, Nikki Cross and Peyton Royce are brawling on the apron. Lana ducks a roundhouse from Royce, but is sent into the ring post. Lacey Evans, also, is taken out by Royce. 

Cross fires up, taking out Royce before going to the floor for a tornado DDT on Lacey Evans. Inside the ring, Royce is hit with a cross body, giving Nikki a near fall. 

02:16 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Adam Pearce and Pat Buck are in the ring to reveal Team RAW women's team. 

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, of course, are part of the team. The rest of the crew? Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are added as well. 

The fifth member will, however, be decided in a Fatal-4-Way. Lana, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, and Nikki Cross all face off for a shot at glory right now. 

02:09 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:09 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:09 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:09 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

02:07 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

The New Day is backstage, dressed up as The Street Profits. The RAW and SmackDown tag team champs will face each other at Survivor Series. Asuka will also face Sasha Banks. 

Randy Orton is set to face Roman Reigns as well. The Hurt Business comes in to challenge The New Day. That should be fun. 

02:02 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

McIntyre kicks out of a DDT at one. Though Miz keeps going at the former WWE Champion's knee, McIntyre is able to pick up steam with a series of belly-to-belly suplexes. He hits the kip-up and goes for the Future Shock DDT. 

Miz counters, sending McIntyre to the floor. Morrison goes at McIntyre with the case but takes a boot and suplex for his trouble. Back inside the ring, The Claymore kicks Miz's head clean off. 

Drew McIntyre defeats The Miz via pinfall. 

01:59 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Drew McIntyre takes out all his frustrations on The Miz, beating him down in the corner. However, his knee, fresh from the HIAC match, and Miz's attack earlier in the night, buckles. 

McIntyre gets driven ribs first into the steel steps outside. Clearly, those ribs have not healed 24 hours after that nasty fall last night. 

01:57 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Mr. MITB will be taking on Drew McIntyre. Here comes the time-honored tradition of the MITB briefcase holder losing months of matches before successfully cashing in.  

01:53 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

01:53 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Drew McIntyre is out next. He's here to kick butt and chew bubble gum, and they don't have bubble gun at the ThunderDome. 

01:52 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

01:52 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

01:50 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Backstage, Angel Garza hits on Nia Jax before the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles try to talk strategy with Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. 

Dana and Mandy threaten to take the titles off of Shayna Baszler and Jax. 

01:49 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

Cedric Alexander boots Ali to the floor, where Ali batters his former friend with a steel chair, officially giving The Hurt Business the win. 

RETRIBUTION is now 0-3 against The Hurt Business. 

The Hurt Business defeats Retribution via DQ. 

Ali runs away from The Hurt Business as they celebrate. 

01:47 (GMT)27 OCT 2020

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