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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW before Survivor Series (16th November 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 17, 2020 09:52 IST

Will we see a new WWE Champion tonight on RAW?


09:32 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Well, that's it folks. We end the WWE RAW episode with a new WWE Champion, as Drew gets back what was his. 

That's it for tonight folks. Check in again for AEW and NXT later in the week and stay tuned here for the full results from RAW. 

With that being said, I've been Anirban, thanks for joining us!

09:30 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:30 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:30 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew sends a message to Roman Reigns. He is going to face him at Survivor Series. Drew is back. 

09:28 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Orton lines up the RKO. He's ready. Drew reverses. Claymore. CLAYMORE. IT CONNECTS.


09:28 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:28 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Orton hits the hanging DDT from the announce table. Orton hits another hanging DDT from the second rope. 

09:27 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew lines Randy up for the claymore, but Randy hits the Powerslam instead. This match is still going. Randy is bleeding after that fall through the table. 

09:26 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew hits Orton with a bad right and then another, and Orton goes through the table. 

09:25 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew tries a backslide but can't get it. He hits the Future Shock DDT for a near-fall. This is going all the way. 

09:24 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew kicks out. 

09:24 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:24 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Orton and McIntyre battle at the top and Orton hits the Superplex on McIntyre. 

09:23 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew stalks Orton and tries the Future Shock DDT, but Randy counters. McIntyre goes to the top, Randy stops him. 

09:22 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew and Randy battle again and Drew hits the Belly to Belly. He tosses around Orton like he's nothing. McIntyre urges Orton up and hits a neckbreaker. 

09:21 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:19 (IST)17 NOV 2020

And again. Randy is hurt. Drew has the Claymore lined up. Drew misses the Claymore and slides past on to the floor. 

09:18 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:18 (IST)17 NOV 2020

McIntyre fights back again and starts to brawl back. McIntyre hits  a backdrop on Orton on the table himself

09:17 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Another backdrop on the table. 

09:17 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:17 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Randy starts to beat down McIntyre with measured shots. 

09:16 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Orton clears the table and then focuses on Drew. He backdrops him on the table. 

09:16 (IST)17 NOV 2020

McIntyre fights back but Orton pokes him in the eye. 

09:16 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:16 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Randy bounces the steps off the face of McIntyre. 

09:14 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Randy has the advantage at the moment and drops Drew on to the barricade on his back. 

09:13 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Randy uses the chairs to batter the ribs and the jaw of McIntyre. Randy has the targets ready. 

09:13 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:12 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Randy Orton brings in a steel chair to the ring. He hits Drew in the stomach with a steel chair and then a shot to the back. 

09:08 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:07 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Adam Pearce comes outy and says that this match won't have any countouts or DQ. 

09:07 (IST)17 NOV 2020

McIntyre goes for a Claymore, but Randy rolls out of the way and then seems to be trying to leave. 

09:06 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Randy tries to leave with the title, but McIntyre chases him down and takes him out. The two battle back to the ring. 

09:06 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew hits a Glasgow Kiss and then a Spinebuster. He is not wasting any time as he gets a near-fall. 

09:05 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Drew and Randy clash as they lock up early on in the match. Randy and Drew exchange headlocks and they are chain wrestling. 

09:04 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:04 (IST)17 NOV 2020

09:00 (IST)17 NOV 2020

08:59 (IST)17 NOV 2020

08:58 (IST)17 NOV 2020

08:55 (IST)17 NOV 2020

Now, it's time for the main event of the night.

Drew McIntyre is out in his old kilt and with his broadsword.

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

08:43 (IST)17 NOV 2020

After their assaults earlier in the night, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are out of the Survivor Series match. 

Adam Pearce is here and says that Mandy and Dana will be replaced by Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. 

08:41 (IST)17 NOV 2020

08:40 (IST)17 NOV 2020

08:35 (IST)17 NOV 2020

08:34 (IST)17 NOV 2020

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