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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from RAW Season Premiere (30th September 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 01, 2019 03:25 GMT

Will The Fiend have a say in tonight's Universal Championship match?


03:12 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

No SmackDown tomorrow night - it's on Friday night at Fox. But, we'll be there covering it, as well as Wednesday night's two hour live NXT on the USA Network. 

Thank you all for stopping by and following along with us. I enjoyed it a lot myself.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and send us your comments! Our handle over there is @SKProWrestling. 

We'll have the full recap posted in just a bit but, in the meantime, we'll see you all on Wednesday!

03:10 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

03:09 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Universal Champion Seth Rollins fight to a no-contest after interference from Bobby Lashley and The Fiend (who attacked Rollins)
Lacey Evans defeated Natalya
AJ Styles defeated Cedric Alexander to retain the United States Championship
Ricochet defeated Cesaro
The Viking Raiders defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode defeat Heavy Machinery to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship
Sasha Banks defeats Alexa Bliss

03:04 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

OK, fans! Let's take a look at the results from tonight's matches:

03:01 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

That seems to be it, apparently.

03:00 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Lights go out. The Fiend has the mandible claw on Rollins!

02:59 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:59 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

So, Lashley is having an affair with Rusev's wife. That... that's.... OK, I can honestly say I didn't see that one coming.

02:58 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

It's Lana.

02:58 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Lashley is gesturing towards the entrance, although nobody is coming out..... oh.

02:57 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Rollins goes for The Stomp, Rusev dodges, and...

Oh hey Bobby Lashley is here. For some reason.

02:56 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

I'll find those later.


Still only a two count.

02:56 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:55 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Rusev back in the ring, Rollins off the top. Cross body block. Reverse and... crud, I've lost track. Lemme find some GIFs.

02:55 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Sling Blade by Seth, followed by a reserved suplex, but Rollins manages to get Rusev out of the ring. 

02:54 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Seth breaks free and manages to fight back.

The two now trading punches in the middle of the ring.

02:53 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Back from what I assume is the final ad break of the night, and Rusev has the champ locked in a bear hug.

02:52 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:50 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:50 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:50 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Bell rings. Rusev offers a handshake. Seth accepts, and Rusev pulls him down to the ring with one of them super fancy amateur wrestling moves. Rusev now tossing Seth around the ring, including out of it, but isn't really getting aggressive about it.

Commercial time.

02:48 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Universal Champion Rusev? Has an interesting ring to it.

02:48 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

The announce team keeps reminding us that champion or not, Seth Rollins will still be wrestling The Fiend at Hell In a Cell. Hmmmm...

02:47 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Back from break and Rusev is already in the ring. Oh, and Orton and Corbin and hanging out by the entrance ramp as Seth Rollins makes his entrance.

02:45 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:44 (GMT)1 OCT 2019


02:43 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:43 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:42 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Another ad break and we get a shot of a limo pulling into the arena. That can only mean ONE THING!!

Actually, it could mean a lot of things. Sorry. Never mind.

02:42 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Maria Kanellis is here, announces that Rusev isn't her baby's father and stomps off.

Sasha Banks runs over and grabs the microphone, and runs down Becky Lynch ahead of heading into their Hell in a Cell match on Sunday.

02:40 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Do you think that Mysterio could get involved in the WWE Championship match on Friday?

02:39 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Paul Heyman comes out and apologizes to Rey Mysterio and his family, but blames WWE for the attack, saying they booked Lesnar when they "knew he was in fight mode." He then screams, red faced, about how his client will defeat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship on Friday.

02:36 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Dominik can take a bump. Wow.

02:36 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:35 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

John Cena was on Ellen today and made an announcement - he's supporting a new charity, Fit-Ops. And he's going to match all donations to that cause, up to $1 million.

02:34 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

After this commercial break, we'll hear from The Beast Brock Lesnar regarding his attack on The Mysterios earlier in the evening.

I don't care. That's just fun to say. Mysterios.

Tomorrow night... on The Mysterios.

02:32 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Result: Lacey Evans defeats Natalya via pinfall

02:31 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:31 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:28 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:27 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Evans pulls Natalya under the top rope and just slams her head into the ring post.

That. Looked. Sick.

02:26 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Man, that Hart Foundation music is still awesome. I loved Bret Hart's music when I was a kid

Especially for our readers over 30, what theme songs did you love growing up? Send your favorites over Twitter at @SKProWrestling.

02:23 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:22 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

02:21 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

Up next: Natalya vs Lacey Evans.

02:20 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

We're getting a Lacey Evans match, you guys. 

02:19 (GMT)1 OCT 2019

The Street Profits are here and announce that they'll be getting a rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships on NXT... in their own unique style.
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