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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Friday Night SmackDown Updates & Highlights (10th September 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 11, 2021 08:02 IST

What will happen on this special episode of SmackDown?


07:33 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Well, that does it. What a show SmackDown was! WWE should put on shows like this way more often.

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07:31 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:30 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:30 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:29 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Roman says he will face Brock Lesnar after he is done with Finn Balor, before The Demon comes out!

Demon Balor stares down The Tribal Chief and eyes the Universal Championship to end SmackDown.

07:28 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:27 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:27 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Dawkins goes for a roll-up but then eats a superkick from Jey. Jimmy hits a superkick of his own, before Jey hits the Uso Splash. However, Dawkins kicks out! He tags in Ford and avoids another Uso Splash, before Ford hits a Frog Splash! However, Roman Reigns runs in and chokes him out. The Usos retain via DQ.

The Street Profits defeat The Usos via disqualification

07:24 (IST)11 SEP 2021

The Street Profits hit a Doomsday Blockbuster for a two-count. Jey then hits a Superkick, but Dawkins kicks out.

07:22 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Dawkins hits Jey with a jumping standing neckbreaker and tags in Ford, who jumps onto Jimmy. He loses his shoe in the middle of a dropkick but still manages to hit a couple more! He hits a Blockbuster for a near fall.

07:19 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:18 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:17 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Dawkins clotheslines Jimmy and Jey both, over the top rope. Montez then dives onto the two of them on the outside. Roman Reigns comes out to observe the match in person.

07:16 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Jimmy and Jey begin the double team attack. They are now tagging each other frequently.

07:15 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Dawkins and Ford have the advantage but are quickly countered by The Usos. Jey hits a splash into the turnbuckle. Dawkins then hits a dropkick.

07:11 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Montez Ford immediately hits a dropkick upon the bell. He is neutralized before Jimmy Uso dives to the outside.

07:10 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:10 (IST)11 SEP 2021

The Street Profits and The Usos come out for their main event Tag Title match, as Roman Reigns watches on from backstage.

The Usos vs. The Street Profits for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

07:05 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:04 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:04 (IST)11 SEP 2021

The Usos tell Roman Reigns they will make the family proud in their Tag Team Title match against The Street Profits. Roman then tells Paul Heyman that he saved him and asks why didn't he tell him that Brock Lesnar would be at SummerSlam.

07:01 (IST)11 SEP 2021

07:00 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Edge is rushed backstage on a stretcher. He is sent in an ambulance. Seth Rollins is asked about his feelings. He says he doesn't feel anything at all. He seems out of it.

06:57 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:57 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:57 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:56 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:56 (IST)11 SEP 2021

EMTs come out with a stretcher for Edge after that devastating Stomp, as Seth Rollins looks on with a shocked expression.

06:54 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Edge and Rollins combat in the corner and as the referee's view is obstructed, he hits a low blow. He is now fully in control. Rollins hits a couple of Superkicks. Edge gets back up and just stares at his opponent. Rollins hits one more superkick and then the Stomp! One, two, three! What a huge win for The Architect!

Seth Rollins defeats Edge

06:52 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:52 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:52 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Rollins hits Edge with a Buckle Bomb. He goes for the Stomp but Edge pops up with an explosive Spear! Rollins kicks out at 2.9! 

06:50 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Edge goes for a Spear but gets hit with a Neckbreaker. Rollins goes for a Stomp but gets hit with a Powerbomb. What a sequence!

06:49 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:49 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Edge hits a Full Nelson Slam for a nearfall. He is going to the top rope once again. Seth Rollins goes for a superplex but is blocked. Edge tries to jump but a couple of counters later, he locks in the Edge-o-Matic. Rollins escapes and tries the crossface but the Hall of Famer counters into his own crossface.

06:44 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:43 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:43 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:43 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Edge counters the Pedigree and tries the Edge-o-Matic. He eventually nails his own Pedigree for a two-count. Edge dives onto Rollins on the outside!

06:41 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Seth is targetting Edge's knee and this strategy is working. The Hall of Famer tries to fight back but Rollins hits a Glam Slam for a two-count.

06:39 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:39 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Seth Rollins is dominating Edge. He hits the Flying Knee for a two-count. 

06:37 (IST)11 SEP 2021

06:34 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Seth stops a Spear through the ropes with a knee. He tries a Frog Splash but Edge moves away. Seth sends Edge out of the ring and takes him out with a dive.

06:33 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Seth Rollins has the upper hand and goes for a low dropkick. Edge comes back and sends him shoulder-first into the post. The two are going back-and-forth with mini-openings.

06:30 (IST)11 SEP 2021

Edge vs. Seth Rollins
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