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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Blog (October 9, 2020): Draft Night One

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 10, 2020 02:23 GMT

Who will get drafted to RAW and SmackDown on Night One of the WWE Draft?


02:00 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

The results for SmackDown are as follows: 
Big E defeats Sheamus via pinfall 
Sasha Banks defeats Bayley via DQ 
Matt Riddle & Jeff Hardy defeat Miz & Morrison via pinfall 
The Fiend defeats Kevin Owens via pinfall 

01:58 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

The show ends with The Fiend and Bliss while KO is struggling to get back to his feet. 

Thanks for following along with us, folks. We'll see you next week for Monday Night RAW and Night 2 of the WWE 2020 Draft. 

01:58 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Two pop-up powerbomb/spinebusters drive The Fiend through the announcer's desk, but he again beats the ref's count. He locks the Mandible Claw in on Owens. 

Though Owens catches The Fiend with a Stunner, The Fiend keeps the Mandible Claw locked in, standing Owens back up for a claw slam and win. 

The Fiend defeats Kevin Owens via pinfall. 

The lights go out, and when they come back, Alexa Bliss and The Fiend are standing on the stage, staring into one another eyes. 

01:55 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Back from the final break, The Fiend has Kevin Owens nearly out on his feet. Owens avoids Sister Abigail and rocks the former Universal Champion with a trio of superkicks. The cannonball senton hits, and Owens hits a third one. The Fiend rolls to the floor but can't escape Owens, who spikes him with a DDT. 

Both men beat the count, leading to Owens hitting a superkick on the apron. A Frog Splash connects (Viva La Raza) on the mat, but The Fiend again stands up. 

01:51 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:51 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:51 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:49 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Owens bounces off the ropes following a headbutt but responds with a clothesline that takes The Fiend to the mat. Owens takes The Fiend to the floor but is dropped on the announcer's desk with a Uranage and Sister Abigail. 

01:48 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

A crossbody to Kevin Owens sends him to the floor. The Fiend follows up with a clothesline that turns him inside out. Back in the ring, Owens goes for a superkick but is blocked. The Fiend slams Owens with a spin-out reverse sidewalk slam, dropping him on his face. 

01:47 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Kevin Owens immediately takes the fight to The Fiend, crushing him with a cannonball in the corner. The FIend rises right back to his feet and brawls with the Prize Fighter. 

01:46 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

For next week's SmackDown season premiere, we'll see the New Day one final time together when they face Sheamus, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura in a six-man tag match. 

01:39 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:38 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

It's time for The Fiend to take on Kevin Owens. 

01:37 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Sasha Banks challenges Bayley to a match inside Hell in a Cell. She says they used to be best friends, and she loved her very much. At HIAC, she's taking the only thing Bayley cares about. 

01:36 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Otis's case with Miz and Morrison has been postponed. Just in case anyone forgot that was happening. 

01:33 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:33 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:33 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:32 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:29 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

The final part of the draft is up next. 
RAW- New Day 
SmackDown- Big E 
RAW- Dana Brooke  
SmackDown- Otis
RAW- Angel Garza 

After six years together, The New Day has been broken up. 

01:26 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Xavier Woods blocks the Giant Swing/Kinshasa combination, and Kofi rocks Cesaro with Trouble in Paradise. Nakamura rocks him with a wheel kick. As he goes for the reverse exploder, Kingston lands on his feet and hits another Trouble in Paradise. Xavier Woods follows up with the long-distance springboard elbow drop for the win. 

The New Day defeat Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro via pinfall. 

On their first day back, The New Day are new seven-time Tag Team Champions!

01:24 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

As we return from break, Kofi is battered and beaten after minutes of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions tearing him apart. When Kofi tags out, Woods is able to take out both champions. Cesaro is sent to the floor with The Honor Roll followed by a wrecking ball dropkick. 

Nakamura gets caught with a slingshot tornado DDT for a two-count. A Stinger Splash in the corner misses, and Nakamura takes advantage with a knee to the gut. The champs take back over for just a few seconds, as Woods is able to tag out to a fresh Kofi. 

Cesaro is dumped to the floor and gets spiked with an inventive springboard tornado DDT. However, back inside the Swiss Cyborg counters a diving double axe handle with a European uppercut. 

01:20 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:20 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:19 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:19 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:18 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

New Day hits Cesaro with a backbreaker/diving double stomp for a near fall. Nakamura breaks up the pin and sends Woods to the floor as we cut to commercial. 

01:18 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Next up is the SmackDown Tag Team Title match. Cesaro starts things off with the returning Xavier Woods, and Mr. Up Up Down Down shows absolutely no ring rust. 

01:11 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Backstage, Kevin Owens is preparing for his match against The Fiend. Alexa Bliss comes up to him and simply states, "Let him in." 

01:09 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Banks tries to wrap the chair around Bayley's neck, but before she can hit the diving stomp, Bayley escapes. 

01:08 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Bayley cracks Sasha with a steel chair, giving herself a DQ loss. 
Sasha Banks defeats Bayley via DQ. 

After the match, Banks responds by tossing Bayley into the chair face first. She then pelts the SmackDown Women's Champion with the steel over and over again. 

01:06 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Sasha locks in an early Bank Statement before the two trade pins. Bayley finally slows things down with a clothesline, leaving Banks clutching at her neck. 

01:05 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

01:05 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Sasha Banks is on the warpath against her former best friend, burying her boot in Bayley's face in the corner. 

01:03 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

It's time for the SmackDown Women's Championship Match. Bayley defends against Sasha Banks. Will Bayley be able to leave the WWE Draft still the champ? 

01:01 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

It's time for Round 3. Stephanie says that Lars Sullivan will go to RAW's draft pool on Monday. 
RAW- Ricochet 
SmackDown- Jey Uso 
RAW- Mandy Rose 
SmackDown- Dominik & Rey Mysterio 
RAW- The Miz and John Morrison 

After this summer, most were hoping to separate Ricochet and Apollo Crews from The Hurt Business. Same goes for Seth Rollins and the Mysterios. 

00:59 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

00:59 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

00:59 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

00:55 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Immediately after the match, Lars Sullivan makes his return, demolishing everyone in his path. Matt Riddle? Crushed. Jeff Hardy? Squashed. Matt Riddle again? Freak Accident. John Morrison tries to drag The Miz out to safety, but he's too late. Lars Sullivan launches Miz face first into the middle turnbuckle before hitting another Freak Accident on the former WWE Champion. 

00:53 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Back from the break, and Hardy and Morrison take each other out. Riddle and Miz tag in, with Riddle taking out the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions by himself. A pair of exBroder suplexes, and Riddle hits Miz with the broton and German. 

Hardy drops Morrison with a Twist of Fate. Miz sends Hardy to the floor, but gets rocked with a knee and BroDerrick. 

Matt Riddle & Jeff Hardy defeat The Miz and John Morrison via pinfall. 

00:49 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

00:47 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Miz and Morrison get dumped to the floor, and Jeff Hardy sets up Riddle for "Broetry in Motion" over the ropes. 

00:46 (GMT)10 OCT 2020

Next up is Miz and Morrison (Hey hey, ho ho) vs Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle. The Original Bro said on Twitter recently that he'd love to team with Hardy at least once before the draft was over. 

Tonight, Riddle gets his dream come true. 
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