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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown before Hell In A Cell (23rd October 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 24, 2020 03:18 GMT

What will happen on the SmackDown before Hell In A Cell?


02:03 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Thanks for following along with us folks! We’ll see you Sunday for Hell in a Cell! 

02:01 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

02:01 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

02:00 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:58 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

If Jey quits, The Usos and their families are excommunicated from the Anoa’i Family. Now those are some serious consequences. 

01:56 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Jimmy and Jey celebrate on the ramp as Paul Heyman hands the Universal Champion a mic. 

If Roman quits at HIAC, he’s not the face of the WWE and the provider of the Bloodline. However, he can live with it. 

But when Jey quits, he will fall in line and acknowledge Roman Reigns as the true Tribal Chief. If he can’t, then The Usos and their wives and kids are out of the family. 

01:53 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Tonight’s final segment involves Roman Reigns giving out his Tribal Consequences for Jey Uso. Speaking of which, Jey has broken into Roman’s locker room. 

Wait, it wasn’t Jey! It’s Jimmy! Jey attacks Roman. However, Roman knocks the chair out of Jey’s hands. Still, the superkick  lands and Key hits an Uso Splash. 

01:46 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:46 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:43 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Aaliyah comes down to save Murphy. Dominik runs down to help her, and is blindsided by Rollins who pretended to flee. 

Rey Mysterio comes in next, forcing Rollins to leave. Aaliyah is seen comforting Murphy as Rey and Dominik watch on. 

01:41 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Murphy escapes a Curb Stomp, but after an arm wrench, Rollins manages to hit it for the win. 

Seth Rollins defeats Murphy via pinfall. 

After the match, Rollins grabs a kendo stick. Aaliyah tries to get Rey and Dominik to help, but they refuse, so she runs off to defend Murphy herself. 

01:39 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

“I am the Messiah. You are the Disciple.” 

Rollins tried to punish Murphy, but this leads to a big striking trade. Murphy hits his vintage striking combination and rolls up Rollins for a two. 

Rollins responds with a forearm and falcon arrow, but he just can’t put Murphy away. 

01:37 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Back from the break, Murphy is able to hit the cheeky nandos kick, but his arm is too injured to take advantage. He does bounce back from Rollins’ buckle bomb with a running knee. 

01:34 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:33 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Murphy’s Meteora injured his arm a bit, and Rollins takes advantage, catching Murphy with a dive as he was recovering on the floor. 

An armbreaker  on the apron drops Murphy as Aaliyah looks on. 

01:32 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Murphy hits an incredible dive over the ropes, a rolling Denton that connects. Back inside, Rollins gets caught with a Meteora for the two. 

01:30 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Aaliyah is seen watching Murphy’s match, but is led away by Rey Mysterio. Rollins took over during the break, but is caught by a missile dropkick from Bret’s rope. 

01:28 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:26 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Murphy breaks away, stunning Rollins with a right hand. Rollins falls to the floor where he’s launched with a back body drop onto the announcer’s desk. 

01:24 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Rollins takes over, holding Murphy down on the mat with a side headlock. 

01:24 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Rollins tries to exclaim that he’s the Messiah to Murphy’s disciple, but is brought down by the former Cruiserweight Champion. 

01:22 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:19 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:19 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

It’s time for the Seth’s first official match as part of the SmackDown brand. He faces Murphy next. 

01:15 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:15 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

JBL returns, saying causing harm, damages and more are what WWE Superstars do. If they were crimes, he and Simmons would be serving life sentences. 

He was about to rule in favor of Otis, but a briefcase full of money turned things around for The Miz. At Hell ima Cell, they’ll face each other, with the winner walking out Mr. MITB. 

01:12 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:12 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:08 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Tucker is next and nearly attacks Miz and Morrison (Hey hey, ho ho) in court. The APA gets control, and JBL says that when we return, he'll have his verdict. 

01:07 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Rey Mysterio is asked to the stand in the court case, stating that Otis is definitely worthy of being Mr. Money in the Bank. After all, he won fair and square. 

Asuka is up next, but nobody can understand what she's saying. Luckily, Teddy Long is the stenographer. 

01:05 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:05 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

01:04 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Bayley ducks a chair shot and holds the SmackDown Women's Championship hostage. Bayley tries to take it but is dropped with a running knee. Banks wraps the chair around Bayley's neck, demanding that the champ sign the contract. 

Bayley is choked out in the chair and signs the contract to end the pain. After she signs, Banks lays her out again. On Sunday, Banks will take the SmackDown Women's Title at Hell in a Cell. 

01:02 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Bayley cuts a promo in-ring, saying that she hoped to be done with Sasha Banks after turning on her weeks ago. She calls Banks conceited, and she won't be signing the contract for their Hell in a Cell match. 

She may be The Boss, but she's not Bayley's boss. Banks shows up with the contract, and it looks like she's gonna make Bayley sign one way or another. 

00:59 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Backstage, Adam Pearce checks on Gable, who says he's tired of being Shorty G. He's not the punching bag anymore. 

Chad Gable is Shorty G no more. Finally, we can stop calling him that horrible, stupid, terrible name!

00:58 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

00:58 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

00:54 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Backstage, Seth Rollins talks about why he's giddy for his match against his former Disciple, Murphy, tonight. Rollins says he'll define Murphy's true role tonight. 

00:53 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

00:52 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Shorty G quits after the match, much like Austin Theory did after getting squashed by Bronson Reed on Wednesday. Interesting. 

00:51 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

A clothesline nearly decapitates Shorty G. The Freak Accident connects. 

Lars Sullivan defeats Shorty G via pinfall. 

Final Freak count: 9

00:50 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Freak count: 4 from the announcement of the match to now. 

Sullivan launches Gable for a flapjack from on high. Gable rakes the eyes, avoiding a powerslam. He sends Lars into the corner for the rolling Liger kick. The second missed, though, and Sullivan got upset. 

00:48 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

Chad Gable is Lars Sullivan's opponent, and the former Olympian probably doesn't have much hope. 

00:45 (GMT)24 OCT 2020

"The Freak" Lars Sullivan is up next. Let's see how many times they actually say that nickname during his match. 
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