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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown before Survivor Series (22nd November 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 23, 2019 03:20 GMT

What will happen when Bryan calls out Wyatt?


03:20 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Rate tonight's matches right here!

03:03 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Here are the quick results from the night! Stay tuned for the full results!

Rhea Ripley defeats Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks
The Undisputed Era defeat New Day and Heavy Machinery
Daniel Bryan vs The Miz ends in No Contest with Bray Wyatt interfering
King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode defeats Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, and Shorty G

03:01 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

That was quite the ending to the show. I have to say, I loved it personally. I've been Anirban and it has been my pleasure to cover all the action for you live from WWE SmackDown. 

Tune in tomorrow, as I'll be covering all the action from NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Let me know what you think of the show by tweeting @SKProWrestling!

02:59 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:59 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:59 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:59 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:59 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:58 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:58 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:58 (GMT)23 NOV 2019


02:58 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Strowman and Lee take out members of the NXT and SmackDown roster as they start to brawl. 

02:57 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Things have completely broken down. The entire WWE roster is here and everyone is being taken apart. Keith Lee is the one inside the ring as he takes out Montez Ford. He faces Braun Strowman. 


02:56 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

NXT has joined the fray and things have broken down! What a callback!

02:56 (GMT)23 NOV 2019


Shawn Michaels and Triple H is leading the NXT army in on the jeep. They are ready to fire the shots. 

02:54 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Braun Strowman leads the SmackDown locker room outside and now the Blue Army is taking over!

02:54 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Roman stops Corbin from attacking Ali with the Spear.
Seth Rollins leads the RAW team to the ringside area. Monday Night RAW is here.

Seth gets into the ring and faces down Roman Reigns. Reigns and Rollins start fighting and RAW is demolishing the SmackDown talent on the outside.

02:53 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Shorty G takes a Spinebuster on the outsider by Roode, who is taken out by an elbow. Corbin hits the Deep Six, and that's enough!

Corbin pins Mustafa Ali inside the ring.

Results: King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode defeats Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, and Shorty G

02:51 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:51 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Ziggler goes for the Superkick but gets caught with the Superman Punch. Ali wants to get into this match right night. Ziggler gets to his corner and tags in Corbin. Ali and Corbin do battle inside the ring. 

Ali hits Corbin with a kick followed by a Facebuster. He takes out Ziggler with a Spinning Kick. he takes out Ziggler with a Suicide Dive and a Plancha on Corbin. Corbin goes for the ChokeSlam. Ali stops him and hits the Tornado DDT!

02:49 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Reigns is back in action and he is taking on Dolph Ziggler. Shorty G is still out from the move he took on the table.

02:48 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:46 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

The match starts and Roman Reigns is focused. The moment he gets out of the ring, Baron Corbin and Ziggler attack him from behind. This gives the obvious advantage to Reigns now and he is being beaten up. He is assaulted by Ziggler and Roode but he manages to get to Shorty G. 
He comes in and takes out Corbin and Roode. He hits Roode with a Suplex followed by a Northern Lights Suplex to Ziggler. 

Roode and Ziggler double team Shorty G and throw him onto the announce table, where he is badly hurt. He might be injured ahead of Survivor Series. 

02:42 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:37 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:36 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Up now: It's time for the main event!

King Corbin, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler vs Roman Reigns, Shorty G, and Mustafa Ali

02:34 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:33 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Baszler has the Sleeper Hold in. She drops down and Baszler goes headfirst into the barricade. Baszler is hurt. 

02:33 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:32 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Shayna Baszler is out and challenges her to come out. 

This time, it's Bayley attacking Baszler from behind and the fight is now on!

02:30 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:30 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:27 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

The Mandible Claw is cinched in. Bryan is down and out on the ground under the flashing lights. 
The Fiend is laughing. It all goes dark.

02:26 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

He has replaced The Miz in the corner under the red light. This is horrifying. 

02:26 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Bryan manages to take The Miz down and hits the Missile Dropkick on him. He hots the Yes Kick on The Miz. The final Kick connects. Bryan is feeling it! He goes for the 'Yes' Chants but is interrupted.


02:24 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:24 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

02:24 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Bryan hits a flying elbow on Miz and goes to the top rope himself.

The Miz gets to his feet and takes Bryan down!

02:23 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

The Miz has the advantage for a while, but Bryan comes back with the Running Dropkicks. The Miz follows this with a Running Clothesline of his own and goes to the top rope. Bryan catches him and goes for the LaBelle Lock. The Miz stops him!

02:21 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Bryan dumps Miz to the outside and hits him with a flying knee. Bryan is obviously distracted with his match against Bray Wyatt looming on his mind. 

02:20 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

This has turned into an impromptu match:

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

02:17 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

The Miz slaps Daniel Bryan. If there is one feud that transcends face-heel dynamics, it's the one between The Miz and Bryan. 

02:15 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

He says that he wanted Wyatt to come down and address any issues they might have. Wyatt turns the lights off, but he does not appear. Instead, Bryan is interrupted by The Miz.

02:13 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Daniel Bryan says he did not come out here to play and that he had only one thing he wanted to do and that was to summon Bray Wyatt!

02:11 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

Daniel Bryan is out now. He will be addressing his match with Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series. 

02:09 (GMT)23 NOV 2019

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