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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live (3rd September 2019) | King Of The Ring 2019|

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 04, 2019 02:31 GMT

Who will progress into the semifinals of the King Of The Ring tournament?


02:13 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

That's all for tonight folks. Here are the results from tonight's episode of SmackDown!

Elias defeats Ali
Fire & Desire defeat Bliss & Cross for a title match at Clash of Champions.
Black defeats Shelton Benjamin.
Gable pins Andrade to advance to the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament!

02:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

02:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

02:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

02:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

02:00 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:59 (GMT)4 SEP 2019


01:59 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Rowan says that he is glad of how much Roman will suffer at Clash of Champions. He hits Roman with the steel steps and then clears the desk. Daniel slaps Rowan!

01:58 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:58 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:58 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Rowan reminds Bryan how he slapped him, and challenges him to slap him in the face now in the ring. Daniel is staring at Rowan in disbelief!

01:57 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Roman is bounced off the ring post and is writhing in pain. The commentary team say that he is doing this of his own volition and is not answering to Daniel Bryan. Rowan hits Roman with the Iron Claw in the ring and smashes him into the canvas. 

He grabs a microphone and says that Daniel Bryan had nothing to do with this. He says that Daniel is worse than anyone else. He says that he is no one's puppet.

01:55 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

ROWAN ATTACKS ROMAN FROM BEHIND! What a heinous assault!

01:54 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Bryan wants an apology from Roman Reigns for the accusations and the assault that he has had to endure last week. Roman comes out to face him.

01:53 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Daniel Bryan comes into the ring utterly incensed by the claims that he was involved in Rowan's assault on Roman. he says that he is not a liar and is not guilty by association. He claims that he did not know about it. 

01:52 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

After the break, Daniel Bryan heads to the ring to demand an apology from Roman Reigns

01:47 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

And before I can even blink, Bo Dallas is being chased into the ring, and Drake Maverick has the 24/7 championship again.

Nope, wait, R-Truth has it now.

01:45 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

I never liked the whole "Manager with a microphone at ringside" thing.

So, that was technically a match, but it really just felt like a promo with a bald guy getting beaten up.

01:44 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Nakamura and Zayn head to the ring, as Nakamura is taking is on a "local competitor". 

Zayn tells our local guy that his name might as well be The Miz.

01:42 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:42 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Drake Maverick and his hot wife are trying to get out of the building before he can be pinned for the 24/7 Title...

And Bo Dallas does it, anyway. Congrats to Bo.

01:38 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:37 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

And before we go to break, we see the current Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, with his... mouthpiece, I guess... Sami Zayn, as Nakamura is in action next.

01:36 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

And after fighting off Benjamin, Black nails the former Intercontinental Champion with his Black Mass kick and wins the match.

01:34 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Shelton Benjamin has answered Aleister Black's open challenge.

01:32 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:28 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Aleister Black has finally made his way from what we assume was the parking lot and is ready to take on whoever accepts his challenge.

01:27 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

After a masterful reversal, Gable pins Andrade to advance to the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament!

01:26 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:26 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Andrade maintains the upper hand through most of the match, but Gable hangs in there.

Andrade goes for a moonsault, Gable moves. Andrade lands on his feet, goes for a standing moonsault, Gable puts up his knees.

Gable goes for a moonsault of his own. Still only gets a two-count.

01:21 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:20 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:17 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

More Chad Gable is short jokes.

01:17 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:16 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:15 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Andrade vs Chad Gable in a KOTR quarterfinal match.

01:15 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Every time I see these ads from WWE about their efforts to fight cancer, I want to say something cynical and snarky, and then I watch the actual ad and I just start sobbing. 

And now I'm wiping the tears out of my eyes as Andrade heads to the ring for his KOTR match.

01:10 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

01:09 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

We're now reliving the entire Roman Reigns incident, showing everything that happened last week.

Wait. Waitwaitwaitwait wait. The guy they brought in to take the blame for the attack looks exactly like Rowan. And the footage they showed of his attacked was really fuzzy.

How does that "identify Rowan" as the attacker?

01:06 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Kofi manages to fight out before Orton can hit the RKO on him... but the Revival get the upper hand on him and he hits the RKO on him anyway.

01:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Orton calls out Kofi again, and Kofi comes out... but he gets bum rushed by The Revival. 

This probably won't end well for Kofi.

Orton called Kofi "stupid" on the mic because they're just going to run that into the ground.

01:00 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Orton is showing everybody how he and The Revival beat up the New Day on Raw two weeks ago, and on SmackDown last week.

00:57 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Samoa Joe is backstage, talking smack to Chad Gable - but was he secretly helping him? 

Well, we'll find out later tonight as Gable takes on Andrade.

In the meantime, here's that Randy Orton appearance we were promised.

00:55 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Undertaker is here next week!

00:53 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

00:51 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

00:51 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Randy Orton is doing the backstage strut as we head to another commercial.
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