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  • WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live before Clash of Champions at MSG (10th September 2019) | King Of The Ring 2019|

WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live before Clash of Champions at MSG (10th September 2019) | King Of The Ring 2019|

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 11, 2019 02:27 GMT

Who will be the finalist for WWE King of the Ring from SmackDown Live at MSG?


02:27 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Have a great night, everybody! Thanks for hanging out with us tonight. 

02:05 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

02:05 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

02:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Your results for the night:
Nikki Cross defeats Mandy Rose
Bayley defeats Ember Moon
Chad Gable defeats Shane McMahon to advance to the King of the Ring finals.

02:01 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

02:01 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Then, for good measure, he hits Owens with the microphone.

02:00 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Owens asks Shane "what was I supposed to do?"

Shane attacks Owens from behind.

Then he fires Owens.

01:59 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Owens talks Shane out of using a chair on Gable, followed by Gable slapping the ankle lock on McMahon. 

Result: Chad Gable defeats Shane McMahon

01:57 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Gable with a series of just really impressive moves, followed by a beautiful moonsault. Another slow count by Owens and Shane manages to kick out again.

01:56 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

We're back from break and Gable barely makes it back into the ring before the ten count. 

Shane gets on the turnbuckles to gloat, then keeps the pressure on. Gable hits a crucifix and the pin... but Owens, realizing that he could get fired if he doesn't do what he's told, makes a slow count. Shane kicks out.

01:52 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:51 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:50 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Whoa. Gable with a German Suplex and Owens makes a quick count.

Chad Gable defeats Shane McMah.... no, wait, Shane is making it a 2 out of 3 falls match. 

01:48 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Owens, Gable and McMahon are in the ring and Shane is already starting in on the short jokes.

01:46 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Roman Reigns vs Erick Rowan at Clash of Champions will be a No Disqualification match!

01:45 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:44 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Coming up next: Chad Gable and "The Best In The World" Shane McMahon in the King of the Ring Semifinals, with Kevin Owens your special guest referee!

01:41 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Just as he did ten years ago, Kofi lands a Boom Drop onto Orton through a table in the crowd. It was pretty sick looking, actually.

01:40 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:40 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Kofi heads to where Orton is in the crowd and the fight is on. 

The champ pulls out a table and attempts to do the same spot he did ten years ago. Orton fights back for a moment, but Kofi gets the upper hand again.

New York crowd chanting "tables" because of course they are.

01:37 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

After watching footage of Kofi putting Randy Orton through a table.

Orton is here, calling Kofi "stupid", making Kofi's original Jamaican gimmick and his membership in the New Day.

He even uses a bad word that WWE has to mute out. Thank goodness for the seven second delay!

01:33 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Kofi is here, reminding us of how be beat up Randy Orton ten years ago.

01:30 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:28 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

We're getting another look at Randy Orton and the Revival's beatdown of WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

And as we head into another commercial, we see Kofi himself walking through the backstage area, looking at photos of himself and smiling. Looks like we'll be hearing from the champ shortly.

01:26 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Kevin Owens is backstage in his referee shirt, looking very conflicted.

01:24 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Bayley gets her Bayley-To-Belly on Ember Moon and picks up the victory.

Result: Bayley defeats Ember Moon

Charlotte is heading her way to the ring, doing the sarcastic clapping thing. 

Uh oh, guys. She's POINTING AT THE TITLE!

01:23 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:21 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

The two rush towards each other, and Moon strikes first with a sick dropkick.

The fight winds up outside... and Bayley is fighting dirty.

Another commercial? Good grief. Still, we get the Picture-In-Picture treatment as Bayley stays in control - even goes for a pin, though Ember kicks out at 2.

01:19 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Charlotte Flair is joining the commentary team, as Bayley is heading to the ring. Bayley is still doing the babyface entrance.

And her opponent is my favorite, Ember Moon.

Yeah. I said it, My favorite.

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley vs Ember Moon

01:17 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Right now, we're getting a recap of the matches at Clash of Champions, in case anybody wants to get a soda or something.

01:15 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

And we're back from break, and Rowan is backstage, talking to himself.

01:13 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:12 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:11 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Erick Rowan is lured backstage as Roman starts to get to his feet. He's looking pretty peeved as we cut to another commercial.

01:10 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Did Rowan just hit Roman with the crane camera? 

That's insane.

01:08 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Rowan grabs a "fan" and tosses him into Roman. Security is everywhere, but they can't seem to contain this fight. 

Roman is doing the Superman Punch a lot.

01:06 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

01:06 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Erick Rowan is now in the ring, once again informing the crowd that nobody tells him what to do. He also wants everybody to look into his eyes and understand that he's more than just a brute.

Roman's heard enough. He hits the ring and nails Rowan with a Superman Punch.

01:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Oh... Rowan has new entrance music.

01:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Nobody tells Rowan what to do! Nobody puts Rowan in a corner!

01:02 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

We're getting yet another look at the Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan/Erick Rowan situation.

01:01 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

00:59 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Also, when did John Cena start hosting Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?


00:58 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Heavy Machinery gets the win against some "local competitors".

Shane McMahon is backstage, getting ready for his match against Chad Gable. He's asked Kevin Owens to speak with him. Shane is reconsidering that $100,00 fine... but he also wants Owens to be the special guest ref in his KOTR match.

He reminds Owens that it's "very important" to him.

00:46 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Heavy Machinery are up next!

00:45 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Result: Nikki Cross defeats Mandy Rose

00:45 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Alexa Bliss prevents Deville from interfering on Rose's behalf, and Cross recovers from a missed top-rope body block, and rolls up Rose for the 1-2-3.

00:43 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

00:42 (GMT)11 SEP 2019

Alexa Bliss comes out and she doesn't look happy. 

Nikki Cross comes out and she is DEFINATELY not happy. She hits the ring and begins to wail away at Rose.

Rose catches Cross going for a... ahem... cross-body block and now has control. 

Nikki Cross vs Mandy Rose
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