5 amazing Minecraft modern house designs

Minecraft modern house designs have become a popular craze of sorts (Image via YouTube, Juns Mab)
Minecraft modern house designs have become a popular craze of sorts (Image via YouTube, Juns Mab)

The latest craze within Minecraft as of somewhat recently has been modern house designs. Every Minecraft player needs somewhere to live, and modern house designs, in particular, have been rising in popularity.

However, most players do not know where to start building this style of house as it can be quite challenging. Compiled below is a list of five different amazing modern house designs within Minecraft. Each of these house designs varies in terms of size, difficulty, and materials used.

5 of the most interesting modern house designs for Minecraft

5) Large Modern House (Easy) by WiederDude


Up first is a very popular house design by Minecraft YouTuber 'WiederDude.' Boasting over 9 million views, it's safe to say that it's not only one of the most popular modern house designs but of any Minecraft house design in general.

What's so great about this house, in particular, is its small form factor, meaning that players will not have to spend very long gathering materials. As with a lot of modern house designs, quartz is utilized quite heavily. Overall, this is a great option for most players wanting a modern house in Minecraft.

4) Modern Mansion House by Rizzial


This next design features a modern house design with a double stair design on the outside, giving it a sleek modern flair. It also has a large body of water outside which further adds to this style.

Should players be looking for a larger house to build, then this will be a perfect fit. Like the first building, it makes use of quartz, however, not as heavily as most other modern houses.

Instead, it utilizes solid stone blocks and wood for the majority of the house. This mansion is perfect for more experienced players who want somewhere larger to live.

3) Small Modern House by Rizzial


Featured here is another great house design by Rizzial. However, this house is a lot smaller than the mansion featured above. This could make it particularly useful where space is limited, perhaps on a Minecraft survival server, for example.

Some players also simply just do not want to spend a lot of time gathering materials when building massive houses. In this case, this house design would be perfect. Although it is small, it is by no means worse looking than any others featured on this list.

2) Starter Survival House by Heyimrobby


Players who are starting new worlds may not necessarily want a large, resource-intensive home to start off with. This house is perfect for that set of players. Made entirely out of stone and wood, it is easy to gather the materials needed for this house.

Again, this does not take away from the modern aspect of the house design. Furthermore, it does not make use of quartz at all, which may be desirable for some players.

1) Modern House by JINTUBE


This last mansion house design is perfect for those Minecraft Veteran players eager to take on a new large project to complete. Featured here is the largest house design on this list, making it perfect for end-game players who are looking for something new to work on.

This house is truly incredible and will surely impress any visitors to the survival world.

All in all, mansions are some of the most satisfying Minecraft homes to live inside, and it's no wonder why they have remained so popular throughout the years.

Players should note that all of the above designs can be adjusted or changed in style simply by using different blocks and color combinations.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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