5 best automatic food farms in Minecraft Java Edition

Automatic food farms in Minecraft Java Edition (Image via YouTube/Mysticat)
Automatic food farms in Minecraft Java Edition (Image via YouTube/Mysticat)
Modified 05 May 2021
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Food is one of the most useful resources in Minecraft. In earlier versions of Minecraft, eating food recovered players' health points. Nowadays, players must maintain their hunger bar to recover their health in the game.

Automatic farms are the best way to obtain any item in Minecraft. Players can build an automatic food farm to get an endless supply of food.

This article shares some of the best automatic food farms for Java Edition.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 automatic food farms in Minecraft Java Edition

#5 - Automatic chicken cooker

Eating one cooked chicken restores three hunger points. It is one of the best food items and is very easy to farm. This farm uses lava to kill adult chickens, who drop cooked chicken upon dying. It also has a compact design and is easy to build.

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#4 - Honey bottle farm

Buzzy Bees update added bees to Minecraft. These bees are similar to real-life and produce honey in their hives and nests. Using redstones and dispensers, players can create a honey bottle farm.

Players can use a honey bottle to recover three hunger points in Minecraft.

#3 - Automatic fish farm

Before 1.16, players used to abuse this farm to get tons of valuable loot like enchanted books and saddles. Due to this, Mojang had nerfed the farm, which can now only produce fish. Players can use an auto-clicker to farm fish automatically.

Players can cook the raw fish to get its cooked variant. One cooked cod recovers two and a half hunger points, whereas cooked salmon recovers three hunger points.

#2 - Villager-based crop farm

Farmer villagers have a helpful ability to plant seeds and harvest crops. Using their natural behavior, players can create an automatic crop farm. Farmers also tend to toss crops at other villagers from time to time.

YouTuber Mysticat created an easy crop farm using two villagers. These villagers are given the job of farmers using two composters. Whenever they toss crops at each other, those crops would get collected inside a chest.

#1 - Hoglins

The Hoglins are mighty beasts capable of knocking players back into the sky. However, they have a weakness. Hoglins are scared of warped mushrooms. Using warped mushrooms, players can force hoglins to go anywhere.

This farm is built on top of the nether ceiling for maximum efficiency. It uses trap doors to make hoglins fall into a lava pit.

Published 05 May 2021
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